Sweet Sister Reborn after Switch


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[New Book Update “The Beautiful Female Doctor of the 90s” – See Column for Details] Half-Summer died at the age of five, but was reborn.

The first thing she did after her rebirth was to find her biological family, the family of Dr. Gu, who had returned from overseas.

She discovered that she was not the child of her current parents, but rather the biological daughter of Dr. Gu, who was mistakenly switched at birth.

She also found out that she had not only a very capable father but also three amazing brothers, each with outstanding accomplishments in the fields of medicine, technology, and the military.

However, because of her existence, her parents and three brothers would blame each other and eventually become estranged, leading to a tragedy.

Dr. Gu and his wife had three sons in a row, but due to their old age and desire for a daughter, they finally had a daughter and cherished her dearly.

Unfortunately, their daughter died in an accident when she was only one year old, which caused the couple to become estranged. The wife went to another country, and the three sons left one after another.

In the end, Dr. Gu was the only one left to fight for his country.

Then, one day, a chubby little girl appeared in his office and claimed to be his daughter.

So, the mother returned with her career in biology!

The eldest brother returned with his medical thesis!

The second brother returned with his newly developed technology product!

The third brother was even more amazing; he joined the military directly because Half-Summer said, “I like my brother in uniform the most!”

PS: Chapters 30-40 were extensively revised, adding about 20,000 words. There is no extra charge for those who have already purchased the book, and support for the official version includes bug-catching and feedback for a chance to win a red envelope rain.

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Shortk rated it
July 5, 2023
Status: c62
The adults in this novel... are fuuuucccked up. Lol. Also this should get retranslated because it was translated by openai. This book makes me mad and it is what fuels you to keep reading unfortunately.

I would rate this M for mature because the adults in here are always messy, thinking the absolute worst of everything, and also bc aduse (the only exception is the MC's father). This novel is actually pretty heavy in a weird way. The saddest children are the MC and MC's 3rd brother bc they both observed... more>> or experienced some level of ab*se or neglect. Although you can tell everything will get better, be warned this isn't a fluffy novel. This book is an uphill battle for a highly dramatic set of circumstances and disfunctional family and seeing how they are working to build it back together very slowly despite constant opposition. Although I emphathize with the mom, I dislike how she treats the father (constantly using him like it's natural / no apology no thanks nada) ; The only likeable adult is truly the dad thus far. All the other adults around them? So annoying. This has heavy nationalism themes btw. Look. Do I love america? No. But I also don't need to read this much blatant china / anti america propaganda holy shit. Considering America always does anti china stuff, it's conceptually fine to do this but I don't like to read either tbh!!


to note: the moms mental illness is done with a lot of depth. I fully understand it. However, there are a lot of misconceptions in here I think still like bc she's bipolar she can't raise children (???) Bc she was once hella depressed, she can't get better (??) What in the... anyways I can still dislike her behavior even tho I understand why she isn't treating the father well (bc she's already guilty and depressed). It does get better and overall I see her pride and also her hard work so it's fine.

Also the aunt? Sh shu shut shut THE f*ck UP!

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hy-d-ra rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: dropped

This is an update from 06.'24, because I found this novel 穿成香江阔少的原配[八零], which is written by the same author. Let's dismiss the writing style, which is questionable, but after reading a bit I decided to read some later chapter and accidentally saw this phrase "white-skinned pigs". I think even if you write a period novel and you have certain feelings, but intelligent people don't need to use slurs, especially from FL herself who never used such words. This made me come here to voice personal dissatisfaction.

here goes dividing line.

Don't be distracted by the cute girl on the cover, the story itself is much sadder. What we have is a broken family and it was led to this state by someone's conspiracy and opportunism. And though I think the plot of it was well-crafted I can't deny that it made me completely sad. But when reaching ch30 or so I was digging my nails and thinking, will there be a pay off? As a reader it's impossible not to wish for some foes to get what they deserve. Although reading it you know that it has quite logical approach to things that might sound frustrating, but it's also in author's hands to make things happen. And they put a lot of quibbling, which really can drive one mad. Being an impatient person I went to read the last few chapters and one phrase there left me completely baffled. Considering what happened in the beginning, I really couldn't understand such a choice (the answer to my disappointment is in spoilers). Back to family drama, as you can guess from the summary Banxia is not the daughter of the family she currently lives in, she died young (5yo) and witnessed what happened to her body after she died and also heard the truth from her "mother", that she was not born to her. She also saw her real family. Reborn Banxia rushes out to find the boy she saw among her family, because she knew him and he was always close! From this point starts a slow reveal of the old case of mixing babies and not only. Before going into the 'spoilers' part I want to express why it made me sad, because it's built on misery. The family that lived well broke up because of events that happened (have nothing to do with mixed babies) and no need to mention that eventually they'll "heal" etc. But the settings are created to be really sad. The characters are written as they were written and there won't be any changes if I don't agree to some of their actions. Honestly, not what I expected after reading such summary. Everything made me sad. The family situation, the way Banxia was brought up before she was discovered and other things.

Now the spoilers part where I can let myself go.

Let's start that although the story is woven with cause and effect, but I still think it's just to make it feel sad. Sad, mostly because the one who I think broke the family in the end was Lin Jun herself, the biological mother of Banxia. But why the family was broken? I'll lay out what happen back then. During time when Lin Jun gave birth there were also two other women. Qin Xiu, current Banxia's mother and Ms. Ma. Qin Xiu gave birth to a child with cong**ital disease, Ma instigated Qin mother to switch babies with Lin Jun who is considered rich. Her own child did not survive, since she had a plan to receive compensation from her husband's accident, but did not want to leave an oil bottle. She took Qin Xiu daughter's record. Lin and Qiu new records were faked. This record actually helped Banxia's father Gu Jin dig into the matter. Because at the moment 3rd Gu brother was the only one at the hospital he did not notice the switching, although that the child looks a bit different. Yet it led to their family now having a sick child. The child did not live long and died at 1yo before traveling for operation. Because at that time 3rd kid was with his sister he was blamed for it and it lasted for years. Lin Jun had severe depression and eventually asked for divorce. Here I understand and at the same don't understand her. How could you leave a sick child with another child, simply unreasonable. Especially the youngest which was always least sensible. Second thing if it was their first child, but they have three kids and she discarded this fact and left, she wanted to leave this damned place, but Gu Jin did not agree, as well as the 3rd son.
But this case wasn't that simple. Qin knew that her daughter was switched at birth, she came to see her, but because of her the girl died that day. As it happens she was instigated by her husband Shen Sibao who has much deeper involvement in the entire case. His aim was simple, because they conducted blood type tests he didn't want to be discovered. And it revolves around power struggle too. He did not care about the past relationship between him and Gu and Lin family who supported him, but when it came to power struggle he used the opportunity to verbally instigate Lin Jun's weak mental state. Because prior to this she sold her assets to treat her daughter she left the factory in the hands of others, even her patents were left behind. For other it's a gold mine, pharmaceutical company. He benefitted from the incident the most. While Banxia wasn't even living with this family for a long while and when she returned he was simply beaten again and again (cause of her death).
Frustrating part is of course about catching them as criminals, switching babies is not the only case, but it's also not easy to prove (after all it's '95). And Shen Sibao refused to admit anything. It was only when Gu Jin set up a trap that he finally had no choice to give in. Yet, after reading the last chapters I knew that QX who squatted for a while because of her daughter's case and was released after few months. So.. Who will be satisfied with this?At least when it comes to such misery I personally prefer to see some balance. After all the family went through such a turmoil because of their actions, Lin Jun was mental, kids grew up separately, they had a long way to go when it was revealed that Banxia is their daughter. If it wasn't for Banxia's complete trust and love, being a complete sunshine, I have no idea what would happen to this family.
And here is what I could not understand. Quote: Lin Jun arranged for her (Qin Xiu) to work in a boiler room. Excuse me? Mam, are you a saint? Did this really happen, she really did it? Because of them your family faced such a predicament, you went through torture for 5 years, you still had difficulties when you went back, you had to face all those shameless people who did not repent about what they've done, I know there is no positive feeling in you for them. No matter what I'm surprised by this bit of grace.

Healing or not, I don't want to continue and fill the gap, because it's just too much. And it's not even a tear-jerker, it's just sad. Even the last happiness filled with feeling of sadness at the end.
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