Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife


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Can love find a second chance?

Mo Lixin had three medical operations in her previous life.

The first time, she gave birth to his child, but he thought it was some other man’s child. The second time, she had a coronary heart disease, but he never knew. The third time, she needed to replace her liver. but she never breathed again.

She laid down to rest, never to awake.

He remembers her sweet face in particular.

Only when death comes near does one realize a love lost through the seasons of time.

I realize that you are the source of my happiness. I have hurt you… caused you pain… in the next life, I hope to make up for my mistakes… I will guard your happiness… make you laugh… forever… I’m in love with you…

Given a second chance, Ji Nanfeng vowed to never let her suffer. He vowed, forever and always. For her, he’d trod through hell and fire to keep her safe.

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Chóngshēng Hù Jiāo Qī
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honeybunny55 rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Given the 3.8 rating, I was hoping this would be a fun story of the ML begging the FL for forgiveness, but I didn't have my hopes that high cus of the rating. And of course... I didn't like it. Why do I even bother trying anything below the 4 star area?? Sigh.

... more>>

Sure, he's all like "oh noes I regret the past life" but in my opinion, what he does to make it up to her isn't even worth jack sh*t. I hate that the s*upid 2nd FL still exists even to the very end. Like ruin her life and kick her to the curb already for god's sake. Esp after all the BS she did in the previous life.

And he pretends to have amnesia which I find is pretty cruel to her, because she basically just exists in this fog of "well he forgot about his love for 2nd FL so that means when he remembers all of this will go away" like wow, way to do that to her, how kind of you, ML. So kind of you.

I also found that the plot progression of this story was really s*upid. There was supposed to be some big mystery behind everything in the past life but it was just... like what is with this horrendous writing? I can't tell if the website I was reading it off of just like didn't have the full chapter or something but something would happen and then the FL would faint or something and then... we'd get like an entire scene change with diff ppl that has pretty much no relation to what happened in the last chapter and I just sat there confused like "wtf happened in between all of this???" And none of that would get explained for like three chapters and when it did, it was done in like a paragraph. Not even. What???

And the FL just like gives in so fast to the dumb ML in the s*upidest way. After getting kidnapped she like briefly remembers her past life (also the number of people who are reborn in this story just made me laugh) and is like "well I don't really wanna see him cus seeing him makes me uncomfortable..." and that goes on for like 1 chapter.

Then her alternate future self from the previous life (which I guess is supposed to be some kind of "plot twist" but imo is just s*upid and contrived) shows up and like they talk for a chapter and then the ML says like a sappy paragraph and suddenly the FL is like omg lol I totes love this dude still and like, everything is hunky dory and perfectly okay now!! Hardee harharhar because she found the ~*~confidence~*~ to LooooOOooVeEEE the ML again or some massive BS like that. And because like, look at how powerful this man is apologizing to me once! WOW PERFECT HE'S THE PERFECT MAN WOOOOWWW NOW I HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO LOVE HIM AGAIN BECAUSE I KNOW HE LOVES ME CUS HE SAID ONE THING TO ME!

Uh, I wish you found the ~*~confidence~*~ to kick his pathetic arse to the curb and into the garbage can where he belongs!!

Like really??? Really. But whatever unfortunately this story is just another one of those typical sappy crap webnovels that the Chinese love to write where Love Always Wins In The Face Of Anything Including Abuse And Dumb Misunderstandings And Whatever Else Because We Have No Self Esteem Or Pride Or Dignity Or Anything Really So We Give In After The ML Says His One Paragraph Monologue About How Much He Regrets It And Loves Me And Everything Is Perfect™!!!


Hate stories like these the most. I also kind of hate the FL. She's just so effing weak and pathetic. Like have some I don't know... self esteem? Self respect? Like who the heck would ever want to be with a guy like the ML???????? Jesus Christ like call the whole man disposal service and lose that dead weight 150 something lbs overnight girlfriend and find yourself a man who isn't a total flaming dumpster fire.

This story would have been more fun if the FL had been reborn from the beginning too and he actually had to chase after her rather than just being "nice" (the like, bare minimum you could do any human being, let alone your WIFE) and doing a few things for her. It's just so unbalanced. He does some nice things for her, and then she gains back her memories and is like "well he did like, 3 nice things for me and said he loves me and regrets me dying so like, I guess that means he's the perfect man and we'll have a perfect life together!" and I just - good lord.

Anyways. At least it was short. It could've been worse - could have been 3000 chapters like some of the other urban modern romance stories are that follow along this story's theme lmao.

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chiii rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c16
i dont see the appeal of this novel. I feel like the FL deserves someone way better for her; not this tr*sh ml. He made so many mistakes in the past I dont know how he can continue to live with himself. Maybe she will be happy with him by the end of the novel but I dont find him redeemable at all. Blinded and instigated by others, he hurt the FL - sending her to her death bc of his ignorant self. Everyone deserves a second chance but this... more>> is technically not a second chance. The FL doesnt even know what would happen in the future so you dont know if her feelings would change. The FL deserves a better man and not this tr*sh ml. She couldve found someone else after the world of hurt shes experienced. Even if hes treating her well now I dont think I can forget all that hes done. How can he deserve her? <<less
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Ray Levantret
Ray Levantret rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: c21
Seriously the MC (male lead) in the past life can just go die. If the female lead was the one who got rebirth the MC

is going to be property one of those scum men that open in the other novels. This kind of person shouldn't get a second chance. I don't care if it was a misunderstanding or not, This MC is a scum guy and nothing is going to change what he has done in the past life.
    • The MC cheat on the FL
    • Go off with some other girl when she was in the hospital (still the same as cheating)
    • Did not even bother to understand her and thought she was pregnant with the other man child (DUDE bold of you to say that when you are sleeping around with another woman)
Hope the female lead also have memory from the previous life, just to make thing harder for this scumMC. (By the time he was reborn, the MC has already cheated on FL)
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Sarah018 rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: --
I have only read first few chapters and I cant read anymore. Why is ML so foolish.

... more>>

the anmesia drama is convinient for him. But did he think of fl? She has to live everyday thinking what if he regained his memories and stop being good to her. Boy you can just accept your mistakes and take it slow. It isnt like he is gonna date or have xxoo relation using amnesia drama. Either way he is gonna be slow in developing his relationship so why use amnesia when you said you are gonna make up to her and not make her worry while what he did would make her worry what if he regained his memories.

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Smilingly rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: --
Warning: This is a from a person who is biased to the book.

This novel is what I have been waiting for! It is what I had imagined to happen in most novels I have been reading!

Most people would say that this is a story similar to the reincarnation romantic stories with female protagonists, swapped with a male protagonist, and it is. However, it is so much better for me, because this time it's the guy that actually has to do the hard work and suffer and do some slapping. Also,... more>> I find having a male protagonist in this kind of novel is better... the angst is painful, it makes me cry yet smile foolishly. (I smile because this is what I wished to have been reading most of the time.)

This is like the heartbreaking stories this time in the male point of view.

The chapter upload is slow, so I hope it picks up a pace hehehhehe

Thank you translator for translating and

Thank you author for writing this.

Give it a go guys!

... more>> <<less
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DemiUchiha rated it
December 6, 2019
Status: c17
I absolutely hate the FL and the ML. It makes no sense to me how weak she is. Who in their right mind would still sit there and chase after a man that had a whole mistress right in front of your face and did all kinds of horrible things to you, and yet still be head over heels for that bastard. I don't understand. I wish the story would have been from the FL's point of view where she was also reborn from the very beginning and he really... more>> had to work for her to forgive him. <<less
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Fluffy From Flufferland
Fluffy From Flufferland rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c1
I don't understand how people can even rate this novel four stars?!

First chapter in and I'm already done.

He's one of those typical scum Wattpad ML's you see and she is one of those weak typical 'You hurt me but I love you' Wattpad FL's you see.

... more>> Like girl! A scum is a scum through and through. And he literally cheated on her like, I'd castrate him if it were me, seriously?!

I haven't been this worked up in a long while because of a novel and this is the first novel here I gave a single star rating.

Like, sure it's all novel and all that the ML was the one who reincarnated. But he should be at least be redeemable, like, I ain't having back no used goods dear! Especially goods that got used after marrying me and abused me and literally ended up killing me! <<less
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narixems rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: --
wouldn't recommend this unless ur a maso or something lmao. The FL didn't deserve that shit— I started sobbing from the first chapter, her life was so sad : (I 100% knew it wasn't going to be good 'cause of all the reviews but I still continued mtl-ing this because;

in an alternate universe, I hope someone like su lüxia from Cheating Men Must Die will come an d f*ck his life up. PUNISH THE SLAG MAN QUEEN LÜXIA!!!

su yanyi is just like Ji Nanfeng; they both treated their... more>> spouses wrong. However, unlike Ji Nanfeng who bullied his own wife, Su Yanyi pretended he never existed, which is just as hurtful. Oh but Ji Nanfeng is obviously an even worse a**hole.

for kikiiwi's comment, the double standard might be there, but it's almost non existent. In "She Become Sweet and Cuddly" she was a goddamn awful person, but she genuinely LOST HER MEMORIES. In her pov, she went to sleep at 21 years old and woke up years later with absolutely no memory. and in "Rebirth Of a Film Emperor's Wife" Su Yanyi wasn't good to her spouse, yes, but she didn't force him to stop working and to stop doing what he loves. She didn't try to make him realise that his worth is "less than tr*sh" and constantly berate him over the silliest of things unlike Ji Nanfeng. SHE ALSO DIDN'T CHEAT ON HIM. Ji Nanfeng straight up cheated on this novel's FL and blamed the 2nd FL for deceiving him. <<less
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haikyuuLover47 rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c17
I don't get why almost everyone is rating it so low.

I've been waiting for a novel in which the husband, who regrets his decisions and is the one being reincarnated, is making an effort to change his misdeeds and love his wife to the fullest, something he didn't do in his last life. Is the same with the novels with the FL being reincarnated but now instead of a woman is a man.

I hope they continue this !!
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RubyRunt rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c11
I was eagerly waiting for this novel and I'm not disappointed. I didn't thought I'd hate the ML that much so I'll just wait and see if he's gonna redeem himself.

... more>>

ML's family made him marry FL. He didn't want to so he didn't treat her in the best way. Then he met some girl he fell in love with and they both made Fl's life a hell for 4 years. Now he's back 3 years in the past and he knows the side chick is a bit*h and wifey is the only true one.


I hope FL is not the kind of weak girls who easily forgives... and I hope ML will really work for it. <<less
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Sisi_Lisa rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: c17
I totally agreed with TheGreatSage.

I have been reading transmigration/rebirth novels, one thing is this novel is one of my cup of tea(ML making efforts/suffers every now and then to redeem themselves to FL). I really love how the ML really regret (always felt it every chapter) that he did not appreciate FL on their previous life time and tried his very best to make up for it. Yess I hate ML for being a tr*sh [email protected]@rd and FL deserve someone better but ML is trying his best so this novel... more>> is already promising and deserves a chance to be read. <<less
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mshh rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed after chapter 19. I don't understand the low rating - like okay, the ML is complete tr*sh and doesn't deserve the FL which cause frustrations with the readers but it is important to read beyond that for the perspective of the story line, characters' integrations, actions to redemption, etc.

This is a refreshing story line where the dirt bag ML regretted the decisions in his previous life, how he mistreated his wife (they were married in name and he was forced to marry her so he treated her harshly),... more>> and after his wife died, he realized the truth that he was tricked and got his vendetta against the woman who tricked him.

He realized he loved his wife but was blind. After completing his revenge, he laid on his wife's tomb every day and eventually committed suicide seeing that life has nothing to life for.


Honestly, reading this makes me feel sorry for the wife. She deserves someone better.

There are multiple re-incarnators. The second ML seemed the best for her because he loved her in the first life but never got a chance to confess despite helping her secretly.

Reading this, the ML has extreme guilt and want to make up to his wife. He knows he doesn't deserve her but cannot let her go.

Major spoiler, don't read below if you want to be surprised...

The story was a bit fast paced in how...

she forgave him. She also "woken" up and realized that this life is a second chance later in the story. The Second ML's again didn't get to fully confess and gave up after seeing FL was still deeply in love with ML. The author acknowledged that she gave up on this story and rushed the ending because she has writer's block. It is a shame because stories like these are rare where you see the male's POV, regrets, and actions he take to correct his past behaviors. Despite the fast paced ending, I still enjoyed this story. The ending was a HE. They adopted a daughter - it was hinted that the adopted daughter's birth coincides with the date of the unborn child of the FL if that child was born. So readers can interpret that this is their daughter from their first lives.

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Kikiwiis rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c17
I don't get why people are rating it overly low. Tbh there a little of a double standard I'm seeing. If the role is reversed, people would be cheering the FL on to get the man/move on/get with the ml, fix her mistakes, do your best, and etc. It's true that he messed up (like most of the lead characters in the stories on NU), but this is a second chance, so I would give him the benefit of the doubt and so far he's trying to redeem himself and... more>> the fluff is pretty awesome.

Of course, the FL also deserves the best. Her character is very timid and I would assume the loss of self-confidence from the past. If she had also transmigrated, then it would be a second chance for both of them, but it's not, it's the ml's so I feel it's logical as is.

I haven't read far, but if what people say is true that she gets her memories back or sth? It might be a different story as to how she's willing to be with him unless she had seen/accepted he has changed.


As for the amnesia part.


As cliche as it is, it made sense in my book. If he told right away that he's a changed person/confessed or whatnot, she probably would've doubted him or at least questioning herself the same way she's doing now since their relationship was pretty strained. I do admit, the latter is still the better choice.


Overall, it's a decent story. I haven't finished it, but who knows, my opinion might change after. <<less
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VivianMc rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c49
Read the completed chinese version as the summary sounds interesting.


However, the writing went downhill quite quickly. The author introduced too many characters and subplots for such a short story and unfortunately/expectedly, didn’t develop most to their full potential. Quite amateurish writing, but 2 stars for some interesting ideas and attempt.


I won’t recommend reading this unless you are very bored and have finished something like 90% of the novels on this site.
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July 19, 2019
Status: c29
I'm MTLing the story after where the translation left us off. I'm not sure how many chapters are there since I saw 2 sources and they listed different number. One listed 57 while the other was 49. I think it should be 49.

Until chapter 17 of the translations, I feel like the writing is decent. The premise or plot is quite interesting for me regardless of how the s*upid the characters might seem to be (?). I'd say... Give it a chance and read further.

Here is what I can understand... more>> from MTLing the future chapters until 29/49 (will update if I finish MTLing). Note that I don't know any Chinese so yeah, there might be some inaccurate description (let's hope not). The development might interest you.


The ML eventually tells the FL that he's only pretending to be amnesia but I can't understand further than that.

The interesting part for me is how it seems like the soul of the FL in the alternate future seems to be occupying FL's body, often talking to her. She says something like she is her and that she will appear when necessary so they won't end up tragically. FL thought she had a mental disorder and went to psychiatrist. Under hypnosis, she saw the future her's deceased body. She seems to be telling this to the ML but I haven't read further. It seems like there are other transmigrated characters as well but excuse my MTL skills.

Also, there's an appearance of a little girl that seems to be fond of FL. Not sure of this child's background but my hunch is telling me she's gonna be quite important?


Can't wait to read more! And I'd love if there will be more second chance stories like this. Always interests me. <<less
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PanaceaSeer rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c15
I like how well translated it is. It is a light read and the plot isn't too dramatic or headache-inducing as of chapter 13, I have learned that I can dislike a character but still like the plot. And the MLs family is adorable.

What you will hate, is the ML before time-travel, so far I don't know why he was so awful but since I've read enough stories with awful MLs I think I've lost hope of FLs ever getting a clue.

... more>>

Heck I think there is a lot of foul play going on since there are hints that his wife was framed for something her mother did that harmed him? no explanation yet but so far we get hints that the white lotus b^tch mistress has been manipulating everything so that he thought the sweet wife was a evil white lotus instead. Our ML EQ before must have been nonexistant.


It will also take you a while to accept the cotton-padded jacket that is the poor wife, honestly, I found her annoyingly weak till


She has been building her brand in secret and that's how she has supported herself never using the MLs money. She is a talented designer though her husband's attitude kinda destroyed her social confidence but she is getting better!!


so a quick summary of everything till chapter 13


ML is sent back to 4 months into his marriage from 2 or 3 years in the future (timeline changes at one point), In the past he somehow discovered that his mistress was an evil white lotus that has been bullying his wife and manipulating him to hating the poor wife. (I am guessing evil mistress kills him since how else would he get a confession from her and he has read his dead wife diary) He returns and pretends to have amnesia with the goal of trying to fix the relationship between him and his wife. By this point he has already done do much damage to his marriage that faking 1 year of amnesia (so he 'never met' the mistress) is the only way to explain the personality change. He knows he is scum, complete scum and so we have him introducing her to people since he has been refusing to go public with the marriage (he thought she and her family forced him into it), introducing her to a design company but trusting her to do get in with her own power... and Wife starts gaining confidence back though she still is hesitant....

Okay it sounds like crap but lets be honest we have and will read worse plus its well translated and easy to digest. so 5 stars for well translated and easy to read

being honest as I notice that getting an update doesnt really excite me with this story since I dont love any of the characters at all.... maybe the 2ML but damn that just proves 2ML syndrome is hella powerful. so story wise........ eghhhhhhhhhh Its a relax read with an interesting concept... <<less
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Arekushieru rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: --
Some more things for other readers and reviewers to consider, especially when using the reviews here to decide whether or not to read this story:

The people who give this a high rating because they think it's a double standard to despise stories of the jerk MLs regressing but love the ones of FLs who were bullied by jerk MLs regressing, are saying that feelings are worse than crimes. Why? Because the only things those FLs did 'wrong' were entirely outside of their control while those same MLs *are* in the... more>> wrong because everything they did WAS under their control. Or, to be more precise, it *is* a double standard to say an abuse victim needs to be forgiven just like their abuser does.

Those who give this a low rating because of a similar thing, are also comparing apples and oranges however. By claiming the abuse victim is 's*****' they're avoiding placing responsibility on the abuser. They're conflating the effects of abuse with something the victim has done. Except abuse with solely cause and no effect isn't abuse. But that may be how they can justify their claims that the use of misunderstandings as a 'plot device' is completely worthless. Because there's no reason for someone to suffer if they're not abusing someone. But misunderstandings not only do cause suffering to the abuser but are also a part of human life and actually help relationships to grow;

So please look for the actual constructive criticisms and little details in the reviews to help you make up your mind on whether to read this.

As for why I gave this a 1 out of 5 rating is because there's no character development for the ML whatsoever. <<less
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Lonxi rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: c19
I want to give this story a chance, as it has potential and I hope not to be disappointed with the following chapters.

I thank the translator and look forward to your updates;)
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Qistina rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: --
Just give it a chance to this novel. It's actually quite good and the translation seriously superb.

He really work his ass to redeem what he had done with his previous life.

FL character for her current life portray as someone who actually that can stand on her own 2 feet and not a weak person if we want to compare with her previous life.

... more>>
He indeed cheated on her but he still have some feeling for her. He doesn't have any feeling towards 2nd FL and he never have any intimate relationship with 2nd fl.

They actually have 2nd ML in this novel but his presence not that strong and doesn't have any reason for me to root for him.

What truly lacking are there's suddenly have too many characters towards the end and her career achievements actually doesn't make sense to me. <<less
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Missy2894 rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: --
The storyline and plot was actually interesting, but the way authornwrites it make it aopear not so appealing

Typical romance, my opinion
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