Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife


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Can love find a second chance?

Mo Lixin had three medical operations in her previous life.

The first time, she gave birth to his child, but he thought it unsightly. The second time, she had a coronary heart disease, but he never knew. The third time, she needed to replace her liver. but she never breathed again.

She laid down to rest, never to awake.

He remembers her sweet face in particular.

Only when death comes near does one realize a love lost through the seasons of time.

I realize that you are the source of my happiness. I have hurt you… caused you pain… in the next life, I hope to make up for my mistakes… I will guard your happiness… make you laugh… forever… I’m in love with you…

Given a second chance, Ji Nanfeng vowed to never let her suffer. He vowed, forever and always. For her, he’d trod through hell and fire to keep her safe.

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Chóngshēng Hù Jiāo Qī
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New TheGreatSage rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: --
Warning: This is a from a person who is biased to the book.

This novel is what I have been waiting for! It is what I had imagined to happen in most novels I have been reading!

Most people would say that this is a story similar to the reincarnation romantic stories with female protagonists, swapped with a male protagonist, and it is. However, it is so much better for me, because this time it's the guy that actually has to do the hard work and suffer and do some slapping. Also,... more>> I find having a male protagonist in this kind of novel is better... the angst is painful, it makes me cry yet smile foolishly. (I smile because this is what I wished to have been reading most of the time.)

This is like the heartbreaking stories this time in the male point of view.

The chapter upload is slow, so I hope it picks up a pace hehehhehe

Thank you translator for translating and

Thank you author for writing this.

Give it a go guys!

... more>> <<less
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RubyRunt rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c11
I was eagerly waiting for this novel and I'm not disappointed. I didn't thought I'd hate the ML that much so I'll just wait and see if he's gonna redeem himself.

... more>>

ML's family made him marry FL. He didn't want to so he didn't treat her in the best way. Then he met some girl he fell in love with and they both made Fl's life a hell for 4 years. Now he's back 3 years in the past and he knows the side chick is a bitch and wifey is the only true one.


I hope FL is not the kind of weak girls who easily forgives... and I hope ML will really work for it. <<less
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