Surviving a Different World With the All-Purpose Skill “Creating Seasonings”!!


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Tatsuya, who had been living without a girlfriend for 32 years, became the “Sorrowful wizard” and got transferred to another world.

While regretting over his overwhelmingly weak status, he was happy to be reincarnated as a child and was determined to become popular among girls.

He makes full use of the unique skills that he had gained from his hobbies of cooking and baking, [Seasoning Creation] and [Item Box], to overcome the other world.

He uses soy sauce to kill goblins and eggs to kill wolves. He creates dishes and sweets that don’t exist in the other world, and grabs the stomachs of his friends.

“This is fried chicken!”

“What the heck, can there be such a thing like this… that tastes good just by looking at it?

This is just a pe*verted story about a kid who just wants to be popular amongst girls by making use of his skills of food and seasoning.

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Bannou Skill "Choumiryou Sakusei" de Isekai wo Ikinukimasu!
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07/16/21 Your Fantasy Translations c1
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