Summoned Zombie in Another World


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I am a zombie, a thinking zombie.

As a zombie, all I need to do is wander aimlessly each day in a daze.

Because I am weak, I can’t compete with those big shot zombies for food. I’m so hungry that I can barely function, my brain barely able to function.

If I can’t even compete for food, what else can I do besides wander aimlessly each day?

Having already died once, even waiting for death is difficult.

Until one day, I was summoned to a different world by a necromancer. He seemed to give me some command, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I turn, killed him and then I ate him.

Although his flesh was old, tough, and sour, when you have something to eat, you shouldn’t be too picky.

By devouring the necromancer’s brain, I gained knowledge of the common language of the continent, basic magic knowledge, and the ability to summon the undead…

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