Stranded on a Deserted Island with the School’s Number One Beauty, So I’ll Give It My Best Shot.


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Meet Masato Ichinose, a regular second-year high school student. However, on one summer day, a maritime disaster entangles Masato.

Suddenly marooned on a mysterious deserted island, Masato’s life takes an unexpected turn. And he’s not alone; alongside him is the school’s most beautiful girl, Iori Nikaido.

Miraculously unscathed, Masato and Iori embark on exploring this unfamiliar island, only to realize that it holds secrets beyond their imagination.

With no rescue on the horizon and no reliable support, they must confront the challenges of this unforgiving environment. In this struggle for survival, Masato teams up with Iori.

As they navigate the trials of island life, their connection blossoms and deepens, shaping their remarkable journey.

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09/12/23 Luminary Translations c36 (end)
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