Stepbrother’s Jellybean


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Xiang Yiheng, the youngest member of Xiang family, accidentally learned the secret of his stepbrother’s body. It turns out that the cute brother that he had always coveted was an inters*x person.

“Do you want your mother to continue living peacefully in the Xiang family? If you satisfy me, I won’t make it hard for her.”

The Gong is a black bellied scum who likes to bully the little shou, and the little shou cries from getting bullied but still likes the gong.

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5 Reviews

Strawberry-flavored Gun
Dec 26, 2022
Status: Completed
As a degenerate my self, this book is a good pick with a juicy combinations of--- f**anari, pseudo-in*est (between step brother), and r*pe--- which is doomed to be a pure yellow book full of meat.

Even though I said it's yellow book, there's still a plot in it ... more>>

and it leads to "unnecessary dog blooded drama" which is I hate it


At the beginning part, we're introduced with a scumbag gong big brother and his cheap shou lil brother. It was fine, I enjoyed every smexy scenes. Even though it's basically non-con, there're ton of degrading words, and it's r*pe, but come on, we're here for that sh*t right? And actually it's quite mild compared to other p*rn books I've read.

However, as the story unfold, the latter half of the story turned into family drama

when the cheap shou little brother is pregnant. YES, there will be a baby. Hurray!

... F*ck. When I thought the big bro and lil bro finally can have a lovely pregnancy s*x and I can see my favorite lactating s*x, what I get is a F*cking Misunderstanding. Fuuuuuuuck! So, the lil brother found out he's preggo. Instead of telling his big bro abut his condition face to face, he call his big bro with a cryptic message like 'what do you think if I work as a kindergarten teacher?' The big bro who obviously doesn't think too far about it answered that kid is bothersome. The lil bro s*upidly think that it means his big bro hate kids (which is not the case), decided to hide his pregnancy and runaway abroad for 4 years. The whole journey from the moment he hide the truth is sooo unnecessary. I was okay with the typical cheap shou even tho it's not my cup of tea, but he was the one who start this hiding pregnancy shenanigans from big bro, but he's also the one who feels hurt when the big bro was engaged with women (yeah it's fake engagement to expose his lil bro). Like, tf?


I stay for the smut, I guess. <<less
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Jul 09, 2023
Status: Completed
Whoever wrote this has a hole in his/her brain. Deadas$.

I dived into this knowing full well the tags, that's quiet obvious.

What I didn't sign up for was all the "misunderstandings" that are are so forced for the sake of drama I guess, idk. Even a child with 2 braincells can do better decision-making than all the characters combined in this dmn novel. Istg.

... more>> When MC realized he's pregnant, his first thought was to hide the child????!!!! Okay, since ML is an a**hole, maybe justified.

But when FIL and MIL found out, they let all these bs to happen anyway? Y'all adults, wtf?

Then later, when MC gave birth, they still hide the baby and when ML begged MC to stay with him MC said no and said that he will be moving on with a new lover. FOR WHAT? WHY? What kind of braindead logic is that?

When ML found out MC gave birth, he waited FOUR YEARS! Four years, I kid you not, to get back the MC and you know how he did it? He faked his own engagement for the little brother to come back?!! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE?!

Then of course MC came back all aggrieved and sht because his child will never know his father? YEAHHH? YOU REALIZED THAT AFTER BEING A DRAMA QUEEN FOR 4 YEARS?

Each and every character in this novel is s*upid. I can't.

I'm not giving spoiler tags because y'all better off reading this review than the novel idc.

Sorry to the translator, her work is seriously good, wasted on such a crappy novel. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 24, 2023
Status: Completed
this story... Hmmm.. my actual rate is 3.5

I don't know if it's the story's fault or the translators fault but there are parts of the story that I'm so confused, I'm also a bit irritated at how childish the MC is but maybe it's because he's younger than the ML but still.. 4 years gone by and he still act like that haha sigh. It's not actually in*est since they're not really related by blood, plus their parents are cool so I don't have a problem with that. It's... more>> okay if you just want to find new stories to read, it's a short story too so it's fine I guess. Anyways, thank you translator for sharing this novel to us. <<less
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Sep 03, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't have high requirements for smut. This was a cute story with plenty of in*estuous smut. Non/dubcon at the beginning but eventually becomes very cute. The amount of drama caused by misunderstandings/lack of communication is ridiculous but hilarious.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 09, 2023
Status: Completed
After reading first few chapters I thought I was reading one of those angsty, r*pe novel but shorter and without commen sense. This novel was s*upid to the point of I was laughing at the s*upidy of MC and ML... any way you can read it and laugh. Totally not recomended👌
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