Stealing The Wind But Not The Moon


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In the spring of 1945, Shen Ruozhen, a patriotic banker, secretly sent out the last batch of anti-coins and closed Fuhua Bank.

However, during the safe transfer, his ship was shipwrecked.

As he lost consciousness, he thought he was going to die.

Later, he heard someone talking beside him, reciting a pair of elegiac couplets.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying in a 21st century advanced ward.

There was a handsome but indifferent stranger sitting by his bedside.

“Who are you?” Shen Ruozhen asked.

“Don’t you remember me?” the stranger replied.

“I don’t know you,” Shen Ruozhen said.

“Chu Zhichen, it’s no use pretending to have amnesia after such a big accident,” the stranger said.

Shen Ruozhen was confused.

He had never heard of Chu Zhichen before.

But as he looked at the stranger’s face, he felt a sense of familiarity.


The phrase “偷风不偷月” is a Chinese idiom, and its literal translation to English is “Stealing the wind, but not the moon.” This idiom is often used to describe someone who is content with small gains and is not greedy. It implies that a person is satisfied with obtaining just a small advantage or benefit, rather than trying to achieve something much greater.

The phrase also has a more negative connotation. It can be used to describe someone who is deceitful or manipulative.


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Rhiech rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: Completed
It is disappointing to see people giving a low rating to a novel without providing any clear reasons or feedback. It is important to consider the effort put in by both the author and translator to bring this novel to readers. The novel is not fully translated yet, which means there could be important plot points and character development that readers are missing out on.

Rather than giving a low rating without explanation, it would be more helpful to the potential readers to leave constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement.... more>> This way, everyone can gain valuable feedback and readers can have a clearer understanding of the novel's strengths and weaknesses.

I believe that this novel is one of the best works by Teacher Bei Nan, even surpassing some of their previous novels. It is commendable that the author has managed to bring a different writing style to this story


However, it seems that there are unresolved aspects, such as the fate of Ruozhen's mother and sister, which could potentially be explored in extra chapters or in future books


I greatly appreciate the works of Teacher Bei Nan, particularly this captivating new novel. Both of the characters within it possess unwavering determination and strength. Rather than being a timid and feeble individual, the shou exudes a formidable combination of knowledge and attitude. The entirety of the story showcases a resilient contender for both life and love. <<less
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CeritanyaNyai rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: Completed
The author's article is a tour de force of writing. The prose is clear, concise, and engaging, drawing the reader in from the first sentence. The ideas are well-organized and supported by evidence, making the article a pleasure to read and think about.

The overall message is powerful and thought-provoking, leaving the reader with much to ponder.

The flashback section of the article is particularly memorable. The author weaves together a series of episodes from the past, creating a rich and textured narrative that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The memories and... more>> reality are juxtaposed in a way that is both jarring and beautiful, creating a sense of layering and double impact that is both emotionally and intellectually stimulating.

The author uses dialogue to capture the characters' voices and personalities. The dialogue is natural and believable, and it helps to bring the characters to life. The author also uses vivid imagery to create a strong sense of place and atmosphere.

The overall effect is a deeply immersive and engaging reading experience. <<less
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DaeJangGeum rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: --
Amazing premise, excellent characters, great story. Very consistent throughout.

Why am I rating this low? I don't understand one bit of it. I am not sure if everyone else here is from a business background or if I am just brain dead, cause the business stuff was too much for me to handle, I had no idea what was going on half the time. Would have been much enjoyable if it were easier to understand. Imagine if this was them not as businessmen but as rich doctors in a hospital spewing... more>> medical lingo left and right with random bed numbers without any context, it felt exactly like that. Extra example would be listening to computer scientists speak to one another in computer language about what configuration for which client and what not. Not saying it is bad, but only works for a target audience. The language was too fancy and emotional throughout, it was like reading poems. I absolutely love it but if I could only process it more... <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CynicalStrawberry25 rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: --
Aaahhhhh LOVE. I adore this. Ever read Epiphanies of Rebirth or how about Tattoo? It’s that vibe. Mature adults in the business world but also time travel and mysteries! Man, every time I think there aren’t anymore good novels already translated Novelupdates hits me with a hidden gem like this one.

Someone else said they didn’t like the romance here. Sure, it’s not insta love or mind blowing but it’s there and it’s mature and heartwarming and so cute when they start getting into flirty banter.

The best part about this though,... more>> in my opinion, is the depth of the characters. Ok, I should go get work done, so I won’t get too deep into this but I totally recommend this novel to anyone! <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: Completed
What a beautiful story - it reminds me of a true romance novel in all the best ways. Two strong characters who will always be able to find a solution for themselves even without the other. But who combined, help strengthen each other and shore up the other's weaknesses. A tense chemistry between the two characters that give way to mature, balanced relationship that involves devotion and respect for each other's work. Passion built from truly understanding and respecting each other. And of course, a treacley sweet ending that probably... more>> could have been cut in favor of a few more auxiliary extras. I'm sure there will be people that don't like the story because of the "nationalism" in it, but just imagine that it's a member of the army for the thirteen American colonies in 1770 who gets to travel to 1990's. The MC is just representing someone who has had to live through war, uncertainty about his country's future, and somehow survived a disaster to discover that the future turned out even better than he could have imagined.

One thing that is so fascinating about this story is that it's a transmigration story where the guy transmigrating doesn't try to take over the other person's life. He remains conflicted about "stealing" the other person's identity even as he tries his hardest to repay the favor by being the son, brother, and support the original character could never have been. This is such an interesting take on the genre, and presents so many themes to think about. First, how people tend to overlook and underappreciate what they have (a peaceful country, loving family, loyal mentor). Second, and less explicity, how different environments can raise completely diverse personalities despite the people having enough genetic similarity to look almost exactly the same. Thirdly, if a situation is too good to be true, there likely is a catch. But people can often deceive themselves into ignoring the signs - the Chu family were experts at this with Li, and then with the miraculous transformation of the son.

I love the intelligence of and the power plays between the main characters, especially at the beginning. Watching the MC prove himself and the ML being manipulative was so fascinating; I was almost sad that the second half of the story went too smoothly. What is especially fascinating is that the MC is almost too perfectly moral, but still didn't come off as a Gary sue (probably because he wasn't naive and didn't rely on other's help). The ML is pretty capitalist and vengeful, but shows he has a loyal and devoted side as well. Overall, this story had just enough tension, mystery, drama, yet sugary love to make it a seriously good read. <<less
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Alberu_cale rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: Completed
"Xiang Mingzhang, do you love me?"

- Shen Ruozhen

"Yes, I love you. I am in love with you."

... more>> -Xiang Mingzhang

I have many thoughts about this novel. This is my first time reading Teacher Bei Nan's story and all I can say that I really love how the way Teacher Bei Nan writes the story. It's very beautiful, engaging, wonderful, and so poetic. Albeit, all of that, you won't feel bored or confuse.

It's a beautiful story. Although this story tends to slice of life genre, for me the plot is complete and deep, I love the tension between the Ruozhen and Mingzhang, from their first kiss untill the last chapter. Especially the part when Mingzhang confront Ruozhen about his true identity, I love how author potrait Mingzhang turmoil in his heart.

I also loves how Chu's family described in this story. Point of story that deserves an applause is where

Ruozhen reveals his true identity to Chu's family while it's really rare to see transmigration novel where the MC reveal his true identity to the OG family, not only to his partner


I wont talk about the antagonist cause they don't even deserve a sjngle mention. And, additional point is this novel very different from the usual trope of transmigration novel with face slapping etc.

Overall, I just want to say that I'm really grateful to Teacher Bei Nan for this story, and to the translator for translate this beautiful series. Last but not least, I think this story deserves more than a 4.3 stars. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a 4.5 for me, but rounding up due to some feedback for this novel I find unfair to the author.

This story has:

  • Well-Developed Characters
  • Mysteries to Solve
  • Details across three timelines (Shen Ruozun’s original life, the more recent past involving the backstories of the Xiang and Chu families, and the present) that are well presented and not confusing at all
  • Humans with enough brain to notice a person has been switched
  • Bad guys who actually matter to the story and do not exist just to be face-slapped
  • Presidents who actually go to work
  • Excellent plot with great pacing
  • A strong ending that wrapped up most loose ends
The complaints I see are twofold and I would like to address both: too many technical terms and tepid romantic developments.

I actually appreciated that the businessmen in the novel did... more>> more than skipping work or unexplained conference calls/meetings. Additionally, I can certify that the author did not go into as much detail as you think as someone who has had real life experience dealing with database integrations. The most professional term in the entire novel might be CRM, which can be easily understood as a type of software dealing with Customer Relationship Management with a quick Google search or even a few weeks in any office setting. I will include an explanation of what these two companies are actually doing below. Actual spoilers related to the businesses are contained inside.


LZ and XM hold initially equivalent positions in charge of operations for their respective companies: Yisi Technology and Xiang Yue / Xiang Yue Communications. XM is actually wearing three hats as he is also in charge of development for the R&D department of his company (and potentially a fourth hat for XY dev work as well, but that is likely outside of his usual scope of work) as he founded XYC with his technical ability. His goal was to give himself space to grow outside of the control of his grandfather. Thus, the main workload encountered by the protagonists involve the tech companies floundering YT and the growing XYC than the stable XY.

Keep in mind that there is no way these three had only one project per company through the course of the story. The author clearly focuses on a 1 for 1 approach to make the story easier to follow for readers while exploring the setting to its maximum potential.

I do admit it took me a while to catch that there were two different XY companies. I can only be 50/50 certain I listed the right company with the right project, because the person in charge of both was XM. The lack of clear divide did blur the lines for me thanks to this, but the cooperation between companies is so deep that this confusion did not otherwise impact my understanding of the plot.

Xiang Yue

To sum it up: the first big project mentioned involves all that banking stuff. I am definitely not an accountant. Thankfully, Shen Ruozhen is a secretary doing mundane office stuff for this arc. The take-away is that SR kept his boss watered (with coffee), organized meeting minutes, did research relevant to each project he touched, printed out reports, mastered typing, learned Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, adapted to modern technology, fought with his boss, trusted the wrong person due to not having certain knowledge of workplace connections, and learned to apply his previous business experience to the modern world. An odd point I noticed about the banking stuff was when SR mentioned something “used to be called Posting”. Trouble is, I am pretty certain the term is still in use (at least in English).

Yisi Technology

Daddy Chu was a software engineer who founded his own company. His left and right hands were LZ, in charge of sales team, and ZK, in charge of software team. LZ is feeding customers and technology that belong to the company to his son’s company instead, a huge no-no. I am not sure how he was never prosecuted for malicious business practices beyond the Chu family being way too generous with him. LZ drives ZK out after daddy Chu dies and does not put much effort into the company causing it to decline by the start of the story. Its remaining value is a few softwares that XY or XYC happens to value.

One of their softwares we know is a CRM they adapted for Pharmaceutical needs. A CRM generally contains customer information, including their contact information. It can also do things like classify customers into groups and send emails specific to each customer list. An example might be sending a greeting advertis**ent to ‘Prospective customers who subscribed to X’ (side note: this is where a lot of sold personal information is used in a legal way as long as the source is legit, governed by the laws of whichever country the customer resides in) with a mass email. They can potentially have features to remind account managers to follow up with customers on any communications and store notes about these interactions so that no customer is forgotten. They do not always involve a ticket system for customer support directly, but are often integrated with third party programs for this purpose.

The specifics of the YT CRM are not actually disclosed in the story and doing so would be unnecessary. The relevant portion is that they are able to design custom modules for this type of software. The main project Shen Ruozhen takes on is finding a way to resell a custom module designed for Pharmaceutical software that received a negative review from it’s initial customer. Do not forget that SR is from 1945. He does not know programming throughout the course of this story, although I am sure he will learn it one day. XM takes care of the coding behind the scenes so that SR can focus on his strength: management. SR identifies a solution to mitigate the bad rep, instills checks-and-balances into the work group to reduce the slack, assigns work appropriately to the team members (and his boss), secures new customers, and attends a lot of meetings to ensure progress is on track.

The ‘business people’ probably includes the middle management in charge of various departments and the office workers who actually set the work deadlines? Because someone is rolling time estimates for the necessary work. That data is then used to calculate the quotes SR is submitting and presenting everywhere.

Xiang Yue Communications

XM catches wind of a massive upcoming government development across the city’s tourism sites. Neither of his companies have touched this field before, but government contracts are lucrative and using some of YT’s software as a base will make up for XY’s shortcomings if they do it right. The biggest struggle here is not just designing a custom system that can handle the complex needs of the customer and keeping costs within an acceptable range for both parties. It is the competition from other similar companies and preexisting softwares. Yay! an actually described business war that is won with relatively fair methods rather than knives in the dark! But also office politics, booooo! The inclusion of small details like this shows why businessmen in these novels are still going out to socialize even though they hate it.

For example, the protagonists and villains attempt various methods to show the customers their business ability as a way to improve the customers trust in their yet-to-be-created product. XYC takes a big risk that does not pan out as planned. Yes! Mistakes happen! The recovery from this by the team is a lot of fun, involving clean business socialization (not one President calls for s*x workers!!!!) for once.

SR wins the bid in the end by essentially saying “Our quote is higher, but it eliminates many hidden costs by being more comprehensive and accurate than other companies who slyly avoid disclosing [insert here] important factors.” This bid is at least 7 digits if I had to guess. Billions are not impossible, but are unlikely considering the gov budget must also be used to do the actual work such as restoring cultural attractions. These individual projects might be taken by contractors who would enter their own bidding process. A CRM to discover and track these local B2B customers could be a major boost long term. The text mentions primarily features specific to financing, but creating all of this and having it work well is $$$. No one likes to have the first link in the chain tell you: “oh, we can’t continue work until you give us more money because we have exceeded budget.” The trust they built through various methods in the plot show why reputation is always mentioned in these family business novels. Over-promised Under-delivered is the bane of anyone exchanging money for services, even if the business is as small as hiring someone to mow your lawn. Trust becomes more important the higher the transaction volume and the higher the complexity of the task. Brand image and the ability of the sales team serve to set the stage for initial cooperation. Fun (?) Fact: CRMs are often used by account managers to maintain repeat customers even after the project is successful.

A simplified workflow would be Sales -> Project Management -> Account Management. All three projects here follow the protagonist and largely stop at the initial Sales stage with others handling the follow up. The author really managed to make it seem like they explained things in depth, while keeping the specifics as simple as possible in actuality.


To be honest, I can appreciate a boring couple. The relationship is often more realistic when written this way. SR and XM are not strictly good or bad people. XM’s dog-blooded family relationships have a lot to do with why he keeps throwing red flags. They also have a lot to do with XM having zero interest in developing a dog-blooded relationship himself. He pushes the ‘amnesiac’ SR really far in their first intimate encounter, but he ultimately steps back. His unwillingness to force his partner when he hears SR is uncomfortable is a huge foreshadowing to the type of person he is and what he has experienced in life. Here is a list of some of XM’s red flags in just that scene:

  • He casually pulls drunken SR for a fling during their ambiguous period under the presumption that Chu Shichen is a playboy sleaze anyway. +2 RF
  • Does not follow through showing consent does matter to him. -1 RF
  • XM thought they were developing into something more and was not aiming for a 1-night stand. -1 RF
  • He did not communicate his thoughts nor did he ask for SR’s before taking action out of jealous rage. +1 RF
  • He arranged for food/clothing/medicine the next morning after waking from their cuddles. -1 RF
  • He reacts very badly to SR’s negative reaction and lets him leave without sharing his real feelings and arranges for the items to be discarded. +1 RF
  • He learns from this and quickly repents to chase his lover properly. -1 RF

XM is a complex character who shows real growth over the development of the story alongside his partner. SR is complex as well, but the isolation he feels stranded in a strange time is much more empathetic for me. His largest internal conflict (other than regrets involving his dad) is the more he loves XM, the more his fear that XM will resent him for being a fake grows. They both put effort into nurturing their relationship once they are officially together. The toxicity is reserved for their elders.

My least favorite aspect of this book was definitely XM’s mother’s backstory.

I simply do not like r*pe as a plot device even if it were a sub-plot. Being forced into an affair by


her father-in-law


through threats against her child while she was fighting for divorce from her wayward husband is a new low for r*pe in fiction.

My first thought was, “Why didn’t anyone try to contact the police or some other authority figure?“ My second thought was the realization that the majority of r*pe victims do not seek outside assistance. It’s a very sad fact that I do not like to confront often no matter how much I appreciate the author’s attention to detail. Some things are just too real to consider entertainment.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Honest Rating? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm gonna add this on my list and nobody can stop me. 😭😭 The history, the story all of it is just so beautiful 😭 thank youuuu
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arcturys rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c1
It’s a good story. It’s a bit slower paced because it’s slice of life but if you enjoy a business setting then this will likely engage you. The MC is also a nice character, being both capable and moral. The ML seems more like a bloodsucking capitalist dog, but I suppose it’s fine. I’d describe it as a more realistic and grounded version of Little Madman. Also, the TL is great; props to the translator.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Queen_of_Chaos000 rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: Completed
If I were to say something, I'd say BRILLIANT! An excellent piece of art this is. My love for this is immense as it entranced me with its story, characters, and tone.

The author did a magnificent job delivering the story of two wonderful characters. Their love was palpable, clear in all their actions, and I got s**ked right in, savoring every moment of their journey.

Love, Love, Love this!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 21, 2023
Status: Completed
It's.. perfect.. MC ML side character I love it.. author really know hiw to write.. it's logical, the kindness touch my heart, but the tragedy it's really makes me want to ripped the ml's grandfather. I also appreciate author's effort they're the type that support censorship but stilm thirsty lmao... every yaoi part is end up with blurred conclusion u still can enjoy it that's the point.. I feel author's language is high and support the MC setting who is gentleman from Republic of China period
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suzuranao rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: c72

Writing: 5.0

Character complexities: 5.0

... more>> Premise: 5.0

Romance: 2.0

Its SUCH an interesting premise, that of a transmigrator who actually feels guilty about this second chance and drowns in the remembrance of the past at times and the troubles the previous person whose body he hijacked don't miraculously fly away or he solves them its so good... yet the romance kills it for me

Its too domineering, yet not enough possessive or yandere to my taste, it almost verges on something that could give a whiff of crematorium but it never quite gets there and its just a disappointing mixture of ML wanting to be controlling yet wanting to give space and utterly failing at both and MC barely at the stage of finding actually its ok to be gay now and still processing it and I kept wanting to smack ML to leave MC alone a while goddamnit

It boils down to personal preference really but if you want a cold but caring ML this probably isn't for you for the first 60 chs or so <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
danayama1 rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Making this novel my first review ever made in novel updates doesn't necessarily mean that I hold this story on top of all the others I've read before it, but merely because the amount of times I've mumbled, "Why is nobody reading this?" as I impatiently gobbled it all up was so frequent that I feel like my relationship with this novel has to end in this matter. So, here we are.

This novel is very classic, filled with tropes we're all familiar with in a pacing that slows down or... more>> accelerates depending on how the author puts importance on the trope being played out. Although reading a very descriptive excerpt during the first five chapters of a novel test my perseverance and interest every single time, I must admit that I've come to love such writing, at least for this novel, because it was used for a purpose and not just because the author wanted to display her adjcetive abilities. Other than that, the frequent banter between MC and ML was probably one of the best ones I've read in this site. The amount of times they made me laugh out loud as I read through their conversations is enough to grant this novel a slot in my recommendation lists.

I really hope more readers discover this novel. It is a very fun work! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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