Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle


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According to what her manager, Ah Zhu Jie said, Yan Xi was just a twenty-eight tier small celebrity who graduated from an unknown art school with a non-specialized degree, without any acting skills, works, good family background and fans. Forget about being a celebrity, she wasn’t even worthy to be called an actress. An internet celebrity with plastic surgery that opened a taobao shop was way more famous than her. Of the three hundred thousand fans in weibo, two hundred thousand of them were low-quality ghost fans that she bought with money from her own wallet.

She was only able to continue acting because of her gold lord Gong Ding Chen. But Yan Xi didn’t know her boundaries and employed the old technique in the entertainment circle: to buy keyboard warriors to attack the only girlfriend that Gong Ding Chen had publicly announced, which was the big star Chen Man Xi. The ending was as expected, she ended up losing any chances to shoot, her fame had gone down the drain and everyone wanted to beat her up.

Therefore, carrying the triple burden of breaking up, cyberbullying and the humongous debt that her gambling-addicted uncle had left behind, Yan Xi killed herself by slitting her wrist. Outrageously, Yan Xi didn’t die and developed dissociative amnesia instead. Yan Xi, who had lost her memory, seemed to change into a completely different person…

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翻身娱乐圈 (NPH)
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