Sokuhi Shigan!


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While Aida Kiyoka is working at her part-time cleaning job, she suddenly trips to a another world. A kind lady takes her in and she begins her new life there. However she faces one big problem, normal households in this world do not have bathtubs! As a person who has an unusual love for cleanliness and loves taking baths, for Kiyoka this is an utterly unbearable situation. However, one day, she hears that the King is recruiting a side consort. She thinks, ‘If I become a consort, won’t I be able to have baths every day?’ and immediately applies. A unique trip fantasy, about a girl who loves to clean and her road to her dreamed bath.

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Sokuhi Shigan!: Road to Bath
側妃志願!: Road to Bath
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Corensi rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c5
I'm liking it so far! There's potential, and although the story isn't that deep or developed yet, I enjoy the chapters and like the main character. The premise of the whole novel is unique and interesting. Plus...


The MC is a germaphobe! This trait of her makes for some rather interesting misunderstandings and situations.


As for romance, there's a teensy tiny hint of it, but it's still a bit early to say for sure.

Anyways, I recommend this for a light-hearted read!
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wintia_blue08 rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c8
I'm looking forward to Aida's cleaning adventures~

... more>>

I'm starting to think that the king has a "twin" or a split personality, though I believe the former more. Although, I'm still rather curious about this "queen" they speak of.


I hope her dreams of taking proper baths (and hopefully someday making everyone experience the beauty of taking baths) will come true.


and also that people will drink water more instead of alcohol. If they drink those from childhood up until adulthood or even old age; one can only imagine the state of their health;

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