I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty


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Tiariela Norfolk realized that this world was inside the peach-colored ero ero harem story that topped the charts from her past life.

Cute like a small animal, the protagonist joins hands with ikemen of superior quality, and it was a story chock full of age 18 restricted scenes.

Since she was a side character, Tiariela welcomed the ero-oyaji inside of her and planned to peek in frequently.

Due to Tiariela’s behavior, the story begins to go amiss…

“I didn’t mean it this way! I just thought that I should study and observe the ecchi scenes (stealthily from nearby) for future reference!”

I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty average rating 4/5 - 100 user ratings
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Umaretate no Arasaa desu
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New Chi rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: Completed
When you read the descripition and see the (previous) tags and genre, you expect it to be a spicy version of bakarina, but reality shows that it isn't... which is why I took the liberty to remove those misleading tags...... I think the author mistakenly put it on 18+syosetsu since there's actually nothing of 18+.....

At first there was high expectations for the serie, but the author just went meh, and kept on summarizing what it should have happened in the original story and the mc's shenanigans...... it actually also... more>> felt as she was summarizing mc's life too..... if only the author had done something to make the MC more involved in the story.... *sigh*..... but her involvement was rather subtle... which still created ripples.... the beginning and the end were probably the best arcs..... and this MC is one of the stupidest I've seen in those last years (not that it's bad, but you just can't help but facepalm and pity those around her)..... I wanted to see more of 3x woman's like actions.....

It was an enjoyable ride, though the translation did not do justice (many times confusing, but seems like they will get an editor to fix it, so luck you new readers). Happy End. <<less
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Tuyet Hong
New Tuyet Hong rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: v2c6
I agree with officepony. While I appreciate the new chapters coming out, the english is horrendous so I also dropped it after a few chapters (honestly, it's like the "translator" dropped it into google translate, then copied and pasted). It seemed like a nice story and I would've liked to keep going but the bad grammar far outweighs my curiosity of the story.

So far, the story was quite enjoyable. Therefore, 3 stars. It wasn't good enough for me to brave the torturous english but it was a cute read. It's... more>> something different than the usual reincarnation story. <<less
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October 22, 2016
Status: c5
Surprisingly cute and funny so far. Rather than a girl escaping flags or trying get all the flags, you have someone COMPLETELY UNRELATED. That's right, the girl is incarnated as a Background A or Background B type. And her goal isn't to get anyone, her goal is to be a peeping tom because she's such a shipper. XD

Too early to give a definite vote, but it's worth reading if you want something fairly lighthearted and interesting to read.
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bigbrown8890 rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c2
It's basically exactly what you think of for eroge reincarnation,

Hilarious baby faze is the first two chapters.

Funny with good writing don't knock it cause it's a girl looking for her Ikemen harem.
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February 19, 2018
Status: Completed
Ok, so let me start off by saying that if you like the MC and the ML together then the ending is going to make you cry, like a lot.

I personally LOVED this story. The characters are interesting and engaging, everything about it was funny to me. The only downside would be that some romantic aspects of the story aren't really developed well. Like some romantic feelings between characters are implied to happen in the future rather then showing their feelings grow.

Lastly, I know I said this before but the... more>> ending will either leave you dissatisfied, indifferent, happy, or sad. For me I thought it was kind of a cliffhanger ending but oh well. Regardless, I would read this story again.


The biggest reason I was upset by the ending had to be because the ML, who is one of the love interests, ends up getting amnesia and forgets about the MC. Basically, he falls in love with the heroine like he was originally supposed to no longer talks to or associated with the MC. They become completely strangers and instead of having at least become friends the author ends is it with them being kind of like buissness partners!!! I was so upset and sad when I read the ending. No joke I actually cried.



It has come to my attention that the author had made some revisions to the story last August (2017) and I had finished reading the story in April of the same year. So, I hope the ending is a bit different but I can't be sure.

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SunsetChaos rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c6
This is what I think based on the summary and the way it's heading so far. MC is a peeping stalker unrelated side character. She has no intention of falling in love or anything. She's not looking for a harem, she's looking AT a harem. A harem which she's unrelated to since she's a side character.

Basically she only wants to peep at ikemen making out with the protagonist of the game. She could easily be thought of as a fujoshi... or maybe she was one in her past life.

Anyways, the... more>> funny baby chapters in the beginning are pretty funny. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: --
Welp, sadly the switch in translators makes this series unreadable for me. The initial translator did brilliantly, but then Journey to the Sky took over and I can't bring myself to struggle through more than a few chapters.

The story is great, the MC is funny, and I like where it is going, but the translation quality kills me. I can't read it, the English is too broken. I can't. T_T
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EnkoujoKairi rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c73
I have read until the latest chapter and I don't know if it is the ending or not (hope it isn't) but as far as I can say, this novel has always surprised me with it's unusual events and revelations.

I've almost read all the reincarnation stories in this website so I sometimes could foresee the typical flow of these genres. But I can't have my foreshadowing powers work in this novel.
So it's great I'm always left shocked in the revelation.

... more>>

Well, there are drawbacks in the future chapters as the events are fast-paced and the MC just narrates the summary of the major happenings. Well, she's the side character so it's understandable she can't explain in full detail what happened with the MC and the group but only what she had thought that happened in the manga. If the latest was the ending since it's entitled "Epilogue", I just want to cry. It's bitter.... and sweet? But no, it's more in the bitter side for me!

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Kalmaegi rated it
March 1, 2017
Status: c73
Contrary to what you would expect out from the summary, this isn't like Outaishi where there's ecchi scenes left and right. Nor is it the focus. It's just a newly born woman of around thirty that underestimated the serious consequences of her beloved series translating into reality. Overall, a very cute and comedic story on how her expectations of certain events gets crushed by the ripples she unwittingly made early in the series.

... more>>

By the latest chapter I've read, the main storyline Tiera knew by heart has ended on a full circle and bittersweet note. My heart hurts, hopefully the author would fully expand on her own happy end since it isn't constrained by the Plot anymore. As the saying goes, Zero is where everything starts...

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procrastination_day rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: v2c9
This is just the beginning so rating may change.

I sont have much to say on the story and the plot yet other than it seems fine. It's interesting to have an older women as the transmigrated protagonist. Though she's a bit of a pervert, she is also self reflecting at times which I can show appreciation for.

She holds an interesting friendship with what sort of can be counted as her only real friend.

I'd probably given this story a 4/5 if it weren't for the recently very poor translation quality. IT's... more>> so bad I can barely understand what is happening. Hopefully this will improve. <<less
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