So It’s Me, I’m The One Who Has A Crush On You


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He Yiyang was handsome, smart, rich, and tall. If he collected all the glances girls threw at him, he could save a reservoir!

The young green plum [1], Ruan Mengmeng grew up with a crush on her childhood sweetheart, but he didn’t like her.

She was repeatedly warned to guard against having a nymphomaniac heart otherwise, she wouldn’t even reach the status of being siszoned.

Until one day, He Yiyang was slapped in the face ……

He circled Ruan Mengmeng’s waist, appearing jealous and domineering, “What about the promised crush on me, what gives you the right not to like me, hmmm?”

Ruan Mengmeng: ……

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New AnimeBerry rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: --
The ratings are a bit harsh at 3.5

For a nice change, the side characters have life and the descriptions have more diversity than your usual dose of wow he looks handsome. The characters have actual personalities!! Imagine they don't just stand around posing and being taciturn.

Overall it's a cute humorous story definitely worth a try.
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HelloHound rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: c6
The FL is cute and likable and the ML is a true to form tsundere, which means at one point or another you will want to strangle him but alas, he is fictional and hopefully will shape up soon. The misunderstanding is light and hopefully will be resolved soon
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MomoCucupiu rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: --
If it weren't for the names and the setting, I would hardly believe that this is really a Chinese novel: for the first time the MC is not the classic beautiful girl bullied by anyone just because she exists, on the contrary she is everyone's pet.
Well, actually, she's so adorably fluffy that only a psycho wouldn't love her on sight.

The ML is a j*rk, period.

Sometimes things that are not perfectly understandable happen and the scene seems quite chaotic and not well described, but I think it is due to... more>> the author's unprofessional writing skills: the translation seems to me well done, with lots of notes to understand the sayings and some difficult points for a Western audience


... I was expecting who knows how round she was given how much in history the fact that she is "fat and meaty" is continually reiterated, and instead weighs not even 50 kg for 1.60 height?

But what the heck standards do they have in China for considering a 50 kg girl "fat"? <<less
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