Skeleton’s Training Manual


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When Lu Wu opened his eyes, he found that the world had changed completely.

The world before him did not have fancy magic, nor ultimate Dou Qi.

What it had were summoners that form contracts with summoned beasts.

And coincidentally, he was such a summoner, although not a professional one, and his first summoned beast was a piece of crap.

But that was fine, because he also had a golden finger!

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New Drake888 rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c60
This one is a low 4 star for me. I'm a bit annoyed with how the author portrayed the MC (the MC himself has a rather annoying personality but the author's portrayal of how handsome he is is also annoying, possibly on purpose) and some other issues with plot holes. But the translation stopped at 60 so maybe the plot holes would have been fixed later.

Anyway, this is an interesting monster battler story. It's a bit like "Monster Pet Evolution" but better. The MC uses his special ability to raise... more>> his monster in a society that assigns a great deal of importance to monster battles, set in a world with modern technology. It really felt like it was going somewhere and the fights were enjoyable. The MC is a bit of a bastard but the writing style is pretty fun. Unfortunately the translator has dropped it. This might be worth a look if you are interested in a monster training/battling story but it ends frustratingly early. <<less
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