Sir, You F**ked Me So Good


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A lonely guy masturbates at home with a vi**ator and is peeped at by a crazy guy…

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09/29/23 Foxaholic 18 c4
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09/15/23 Foxaholic 18 c2
09/08/23 Foxaholic 18 c1
1 Review

New auroraRMC
Nov 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Your usual fare of brainless BL smut. Unfortunately feels very incomplete with almost nothing mentioned besides the sexy scenes. Like there was zero reaction time to the telescope, apparently the gong is unemployed? Don't know how he affords the apartment in that case, and the couple seem like they basically don't do anything besides sexy times with the gong dictating everything. Just me overthinking some of the small details lol.
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