Sir Mage, You Said We Would Only Hold Hands!


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If one has mana, they will definitely be able to do magic, you say?

“Magic? No, I can’t do it at all.”
I don’t know how to do magic or anything like that.
If I can’t even lift a feather, so what!

There are people in this world who can survive in the Magic Tower even if they aren’t good at magic.
Probably because I have the most mana in the world.

One day, while I was recharging items from the Magic Tower, an unexpected truth came to me.

“…What do you want me to charge?”
“Yeah, me.”

Liam Moore.
He was the only archmage in the world, and an archmage without even a trace of mana, at that.


Crazy X. This is the first time in my life that I have seen such truth.

Leaving behind all the truth and the pain of missing out on promotions,
I left for a new land of opportunity, but…

“Your mana is… sweet. Crazily sweet.”
From the archmage begging for mana,

“I’ve liked you since the Academy days.”
Even a junior who knows about my dark history.

The truth… It’s coming…?

Someone please tell me.

How to survive in the Magic Tower wisely!

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마법사님 손만 잡는다고 했잖아요!
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