Sir, I Can’t Actually Read My Status


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Status. That was the magic display in which you would understand with a single glance, the talents bestowed upon you by god. Your skills and stats.

In such a world which heavily values such a display, our protagonist Raigh, is the only one without a display, that not even he, nor anyone else was able to understand.

Raigh, unknown to the skills and stats that he holds, was scorned by his surroundings at a young age, unable to find an honest job, and was living out his hopeless days as a bottom-of-the-barrel adventurer. Nevertheless, he was trying his utmost in order to fulfill his dreams, and had gotten his hands on a ridiculous power without even noticing it.

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Cryarc rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c23
This series is another entry of over-powered main character but because of some reason being seen as incompetent trope. If in another series some of them tried to create a reasonable reason to actually regard them as incompetent, in this series the author didn't bother to explain other than he got an unreadable status window. No matter how strong he actually is he's considered an incompetent, even if the MC beats hordes of S rank adventurers he will stay at E rank and deemed too dangerous for him to take... more>> D rank missions.

After a few introduction chapters to tell the readers about MC's background, this is a series more often written from side characters' perspective. It's written to show their surprise and admiration reactions seeing how OP the MC is even though he's the eternally lowest rank adventurer, about how the MC usually comes in the nick of times saving them from disasters.

Currently the first arc is very straighforward, not too good but also not too bad. If you can put a blind eye on the forced "incompetent stamp" being placed on the MC it's entertaining to some degree. Though similarly with other series using this trope, people close to him knows that he's OP. <<less
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Dante7555 rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c7
It was kinda good at first, I always like reading novels with a dark and grim atmosphere after all.

I mean the character was down on his luck and it seemed like he was going to be betrayed or left behind by his childhood friend, he even started drinking...

But it suddenly got all light-hearted and shit, the MC even got a harem in like 4 chapters. For f*ck sakes, I detest harems, I mean you either do it Right (only have maybe 3 good example out of a hundred) or you... more>> make it seemed worst than a sh*t stain on you carpet (This)

Btw the translation also suck balls. <<less
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talosparoxi rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: c10
It's a pretty good story with an interesting enough premise.

Basically in a world where everyone can read a numerical value of their health and ability as well as the things they are naturally adept at not being able to read or show this information basically makes it impossible to rise up normally.

Think about it as the difficulty of getting a job without a resume or formal education. The best you're going to be able to get is part time labor, regardless of your actual ability.

At the time of writing it's... more>> hard to read as the translator really needs a proofreader/editor, but you can still get the general idea. <<less
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