Sir Black Knight Who Does Not Want to Be an Additional Ranger


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“Me, Ain’t I seen as a villain even by regular folks?”

It’s been about a year since the sudden appearance of the monsters, the enemies of humanity. Katsuki Homura, who had wandered into a research facility and stolen a combat suit, operated in the shadows as the “Black Knight.” He fought off the monsters that came after him and occasionally rescued people under attack by these monsters.

However, he was ultimately a criminal who used the stolen combat suit to wreak havoc in the city during battles with monsters. His envisioned fate as the Black Knight was to be defeated by the “Justice Crusader” and meet his end. But for some reason, he was invited to join the Justice Crusader?! In reality, in the eyes of the public, the Black Knight was a popular figure as a dark hero, and shocking truths were revealed!? What will be the fate of the Black Knight? This is a comedic tale of a misunderstood dark hero who sees himself as a villain and the chaotic events that follow, fueled by his enthusiastic fans!

Associated Names
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Black Knight-kun who doesn't want to become an additional warrior
Black Knight who doesn't want to be an additional ranger
Mr. Black Knight who does not want to be an additional warrior
Tsuika senshi ni naritakunai kuro kishi-kun
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