About the Case of Destruction Flags Being Demolished After a Nichiasa Loving Otaku Was Reincarnated as a Villainous Student


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Kurei Yuugo was just an average high schooler. If we really had to name one thing about him that was different, was that he really liked heroes.

One day, he died protecting a mother and child from a random slasher… But before he knew it, he was reborn in the world of the game Luminous History, as the character that shared his name, Yuugo Clay.

Yuugo was the most hated person in the academy. He would lose everything in a duel against the player character, and use his little brother who loved him until the end as a sacrifice to summon a magic sword. But after fighting the main character again, he would lose his life unsightly.

But trouble! Kurei Yuugo, a seventeen year old hero otaku who knew nothing of the things and had a bright personality, was reincarnated inside this villainous character.

“Uhyah! A transformation bracelet! Uwa, what am I going to make my transformation call!?”

“This armor is just too cool, isn’t it!? Thanks little brother!”

Yuugo, who knew nothing of the world of this game, would unconsciously and without intention crush the flags of his destruction that came one after the other.

As the people who reincarnated as main characters were baffled that things were not going according to plan, the Yuugo would dash through the path of a hero in the academy in another world, along with his beloved little brother. But what does the future hold for him!?

“Hey, can we make robots that combine in the end? No? I see… Then how about turning giant or… We can’t do that either… Sorry for being unreasonable…”

…What does it hold!?

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Nichiasa Suki no Otaku ga Akuyaku Seito ni Tenseishita Kekka, Hametsu Flag ga Houkaishiteiku Ken ni Tsuite
Regarding the Destruction of the Destruction Flag as a Result of a Nichiasa-Loving Otaku Being Reincarnated as a Villainous Student.
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aborednerd rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: c56
(Original post at chapter 21)
I really love this so far. The overall tone reminds me of Eminence in Shadows, but with a very different plotline and story.

The MC knows nothing about the world, so in contrast to the other reincarnators who know that this world is based on a game MC treats it as real. The MC's chunni-ish heroics are adorable and you can't help but want to root for him (in my opinion).

The shadow cabal of other reincarnators seem like they will be good comedic fodder for the series.

Edit (chapter 56) : Just finished the second arc. Series remains good and interesting. Dark elements are moving in the background as the reincarnators are shuffling their lineup for the next arc following the previous main one getting tr*shed.
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simak rated it
February 12, 2024
Status: c28
Surprisingly good. I've never watched, Power Rangers, Beetle Borg, etc.; I only saw bits of an episode while at my in-laws house in Japan. I'm not a fan of the Nichiasa genre, but this work conveys that a love for the genre and skillfully weaves elements of Nichiasa into a fantasy isekai tale. The characters are simple enough for kids to understand, yet have defined motivations, which shows that thought has been put into the characters' development. I've read ahead to about three quarter of the way through the chapters... more>> via MTL & it stays interesting with a good balance between character and development & action. <<less
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Poppukko rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: c473
A very great premise of Tokusatsu Otaku being reincarnated into game world. But with hilarious take: rather than collecting harem or trying to become the strongest in the world, he wants to LARP as Kamen Rider complete with armor, form change, weapon and techniques from various Kamen Riders to both epic and hilarious result. Although my main praise for this series is how every side character plays important role who complements MC very well where not everything is solved by MC himself, but by him believing in his friend (whom... more>> he positively influenced) to solve the problems that he couldn't or leave to them. <<less
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apaulose rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c10
I wanted to like this because the premise seemed entertaining but the character writing and dialogue are terrible even by random isekai standards. No one feels like a real person. The first 'fight' of the story involves one guy with giant scissors challenging the MC to a duel for no reason other than wanting to gain prestige and make the MC lick his feet (and apparently there's a whole set of reincarnated villains with basically this exact vapid personality).

The MC refuses and the villain threatens his brother even though he... more>> has no reason to believe the MC cares about said brother. The villain gets away with this and the MC agrees because bad writing. Then the MC wins the fight in one attack despite literally having spent like one day in this world because bad writing. All the while he has a really casual demeanor despite the fact that this guy had his brother attacked and wants to humiliate him for no reason other than the fact that he can. And that's the worst part of this story. Even the MC doesn't feel like he's actually invested in any of this. <<less
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