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Sign-in to get T-Virus, sign-in to get Haki, sign-in to get magic, sign-in to get ninjutsu.

This was a story of a Hao Yun who use the sign-in system to sign-in, step by step from ordinary people to superheroes!

“Thanos get ready I’ll sign-in to defeat you!!”

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WizOfTime rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c10
First take after 10 chapters: It's badly written.

None of the characters in the story react like real people would.

----- Full Review (thus far)

To explain what I mean with an example:

... more>>

The MC's adopted mother learns from her son about the dangerous future, and also discovers that he had some level of powers. So what does she do?

Encourages him to fight by himself against a terrorist group. "You're strong enough now you can probably protect Mr Stark" basically.

This from the adopted mother that raised him for 16+ years.

Our MC has some basic electricity powers and peak human fitness. A bullet can easily kill him.

Yeah... no. I can't suspend my disbelief for such egregious writing. That's not how a real mother would react to the things he's said and done, period.


There are many other examples, in-story, that I'm not going to bother to list.




Note: 2/5 instead of a 1/5 because the plot seems like it could've been a fun and interesting Marvel fanfic... if only it was written better. <<less
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DeamonReaver rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: --
Bad part: Hard to read in parts, mostly due to the author's use of Chinese idioms. MC is the typical loser gains cheat but still acts like a Dick.

Good part: I like the genre and the author seems to be weaving the story into the existing world well.
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