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Date Title Release
09/25/22 Behind the Scenes in Naruto World c425
09/21/22 Kurumi Tokisaki’s Planar Journey c145
09/21/22 Ninja Recruitment System c27 part1
09/22/22 Marvel Anime Extraction c12
09/21/22 Vongola Primo in One Piece c10
09/21/22 Konoha Hypocrite c218
09/22/22 This Ninja Is Obviously Not Strong but Really Hard to Kill c148
09/22/22 Godzilla In Konoha c171
09/21/22 Reborn in Konoha as the Anbu Torturer c279
09/21/22 Behind the Scenes in Naruto World c424
09/22/22 Pirates of the Dead c10
09/22/22 Reincarnation Paradise c559
09/22/22 Bloodline Limit c147
09/22/22 Marvel Ninja God c13
09/22/22 I’m In Charge of SCP c224
09/22/22 Marvel With Zanpakuto c298
09/22/22 I Am Not Really Related c149
09/22/22 Rubik’s Cube of Heavens c142
09/22/22 Maybe a Fake Gintama c175
09/20/22 Pirates of the Dead c9
09/20/22 Reincarnation Paradise c558
09/20/22 Bloodline Limit c146
09/20/22 Marvel Ninja God c12
09/20/22 I’m In Charge of SCP c223
09/20/22 Marvel With Zanpakuto c297
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