Reborn in Konoha as the Anbu Torturer


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“Introduce yourself!”

The smile on Aoba’s face slowly converged, and he became extremely serious, which made his face in the shadow of the backlight even more terrifying.

“My name is Yamanaka Aoba, fourteen years old and live in the Anbu dormitory. I work in the Konohagakure Intelligence Division, I have no sense of existence and live an ordinary quiet life every day…”

Aoba transmigrated to the world of Naruto, became an ordinary Yamanaka clan member. Due to his frail body, the clan arranged for him to become Anbu in the Konohagakure Intelligence Division and conduct mind-reading interrogation work.

When he didn’t know how to pass the level, he awakened the Mind Reading System. Not only could he read memory, but he could also get rewards!

Aoba learned from the memories of those who need to be interrogated that the ninja world was far more dangerous than he imagined, so he decided to grow wretchedly in the Konohagakure Intelligence Division and would never waver before becoming invincible ninja world.

This is a story of an ordinary person who lives in the world of Naruto!

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Eskinos rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: c120
I have never watched or read Naruto, so I don't know the original plot at all. There may be some inaccuracies, which could be the cause of many bad ratings of this novel, because I don't see any other possible reason.

For readers like me this novel can be really enjoyable. I don't feel like I'm reading a fanfic at all, but a well written novel with some nice character depth. The MC is someone who moves in a logical and sensical manner. I don't ever get the feeling of plot... more>> armor, except for the system at the start.

But don't be turned away by the system! It has only one function and doesn't evolve in any way (at least up until this point). It ain't chatty like some other systems. It's more like the MC transmigrated and got an ability.

He doesn't let his ability carry him "for free" however. He trains himself and is focused on self-development while staying out of trouble.

He isn't like the Japanese MCs though, living a "laid-back life" or in proper terms, being totally spineless. No, he is ruthless when he has to be and kills when needed.

However he isn't a maniac mass mu*derer either, with everyone being his underdog, toy or a fly to be squatted, like is the case for some Chinese novels. He has a real friend who actually means something to him. He plays the part he intends to play in his workplace without going out of line and breaking the character.

Summarizing: the MC seems like a real person, with a real, understandable motivation and real thought processes, which one can easily follow.

I sincerely recommend this novel to anyone who's tired of heroical idiots and psychopathic villains. <<less
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Poireau rated it
March 29, 2022
Status: c285
Among fanfictions in Naruto's world, this one is the most interesting to read as the MC does not want to participate in the storyline at all, he just wants to stay in the shadows, using passively his goldenfinger to get stronger.

The story is well written, with some funny moments and is more like a slice of life about the MC torturing thiefs, sometimes spies and eating Ramen.

But the main isuue with the plot, is that the MC, passively living in the first 150 chapters, becomes more and more active in... more>> the storyline, in contradiction with everything he stood for, to the point he triggers the third world war earlier and becomes OP really fast.

At the end, the MC creates a lot of chaos in the known storyline by instigating a lot of unnecessary events, in a much sloppy and messy way, black zetsu and danzo supposely did in the original storyline.

There was much potential from the first 150 chapters, but the author decided to forcely change the behavior and character of the MC, from someone lazy and uninterested by the events outiside the Anbu headquarters, to someone who creates a lot of unnecessary chaos to an already messy original storyline. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mavis rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: Completed
It is 5 star until around chapter 500, however the last 30% of the book is very repetitive while not progressing the story much.
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Stinkies rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: c162
The story is fantastic so far, the plot is very interesting, creative and has a lot of originality that fanfics often lack and this is mostly due to the personality of the MC which is quite unique which is refreshing.

One thing that I feel is important to note is that the chapters are incredibly short which means that you can end up being deceived into thinking that the novel is very slow placed which it most definitely is not. The short chapters mean that even though there are currently over... more>> 150 chapters not much has actually happened yet. You don't even really get past getting to know what is going on and getting to know the MC even after 50 chapters.

There are daily releases (there has never been a missed day since the novel first started being translated) so what I am essentially saying is, there isn't really enough out yet if you like binging a series so I recommend saving this to pick up in 6 months to a year when there are 400+ chapters out.

All in all a great novel so far and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


Edit: After 200 chapters there is a note I would like to make, the main character either severely underestimates himself (which does not fit his character at all) or the author simply doesn't understand how op he has made the character. Somewhere recently MC mentions how against a kumo jonin without a surprise attack he would still win but it would be a huge struggle. This however is ridiculous as he should easily be the most powerful person in the ninja world at the time, as he has enough chakra to have 1000 shadow clones active at once, a sage body, mastery over people person of god technique and flying thunder god which are both absolutely broken (even more so together), the full experience gained from the white fang, ultra light weight and heavy weight rock techniques and so many more overpowered moves it's ridiculous. Couple that with his clearly very high intelligence it is 100% certain that he is easily capable of killing any kage in seconds at this time yet it's written that he would struggle against an ordinary kumo jonin

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