Siege in Fog


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The story is about the warlord’s Republic of China. The predators in the north, the Yi Family are seemingly calm. The father is kind and the sons are filial. Further inland, it is actually full of lumps of rage. The third son, Yi Lian Kai (Elvis Han Dong Jun) is extremely ambitious, even keeping a low profile, the second son, Yi Lian Shen takes decisive steps as he assesses the complete situation.

The third son of the Yi Family, Yi Lian Kai has feelings for the newest student, Qin Sang. To marry Qin Sang, Yi Lian Kai goes through painstaking efforts, and in the end, Qin Sang is forced to marry into the Yi Family. After the marriage, the third son of the Yi Family doesn’t change his playboy style. He is arrogant and despotic. When a superior is killed, this triggers their pains and sorrows. The couple is courteous to each other, and Yi Lian Kai seems like he is cold and unfeeling to Qin Sang. In reality, this all has a reason behind it. Seeing the Yi Family that appears calm on the outside, but is actually full of conflict in the inside, as the three brothers fight a battle to win the most of the inheritance and property. Endlessly.

The secret identity of the Japanese officer, Pan Jian Chi, accidentally becomes Yi Lian Kai’s lieutenant. But in Qin Sang’s memories, Pan Jian Chi is an honest, advanced fighter for the revolution. The meeting of the enemies, great changes in identity, a new love, old friends, a country’s grief. This is the siege of fog.

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avid_tranzgeek rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: --
Even though Fei Wo Si Cun is known for being the "Stepmother" in how she treats her characters, I feel like all her novels are so much more than that. She really pours emotions into her characters so extremely that we, as the audience begin to feel everything happening along with her characters. This book is full of conspiracies and twists. The author writes this book so well, because oftentimes, something that seems unimportant in one part of a chapter might come up later. Her beautiful diction and flowery language... more>> really sets the scene for everything happening. This book is wonderful in how the author connects all the characters together, and then makes you step back and wonder at what is really happening. Even though main OTP don't necessarily get together at first due to their differing views on each other, they eventually warm up to each other. Each character has their flaws, but this is necessary in itself to provide the whole story a force that pushes it along at a faster pace. I really like this novel and I hope everyone will give this novel a chance :) <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: Completed
I read it expecting a slow romance where the couple gradually warms to each other, instead there is there little love in this novel. The problem is, as usual, lack of dialogue between them. She is cold and indifferent (with good reasons as he forced her to marry) so he reciprocates being cold and acting as a playboy. In the meantime their relationship is further tested as problems arise with the brothers' fight for the inheritance. The book is mainly from Qin Sang's point of view, so we can relate... more>> to her being confined in a marriage she did not want, next to a man who humiliates by mistreating her and indulging in his mistress. It would be hard for anyone in real life to fall for someone like him. The first half of the novel feels like a slice-of-life with slow pace and detailed descriptions. In the second half, the conflict among the brothers escalates bringing misery and hardship.

I'd give a rating of 3/3.5 not because the novel is bad in itself, but because I couldn't really enjoy it. It was often frustrating: there was too much sadness and misery due to lack of trust between the leads. I was also unsatisfied when I reached the ending, I knew it was a tragedy but I felt that the entire journey was pointless, with too much left to the reader's imagination. Why the male lead talks so little with the MC, why he decides to condemn himself to her hate acting as a bad man? It would have been better if the author included a bit of the ML's point of view to better understand him.

Note that novelupdates keeps track until chapter 14, but you can find the remaining translated chapters by google search. <<less
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Eeria rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Though I really dislike the story and the violence in the book I can't help but praise it was well written though the story is short. Hence 4 stars. This author dwells with dark themes of the human psyche so her romance never ends well. Her characters are well fleshed out.

oh and great job from the translator!
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Leenleen rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I feel that there’s so many miscommunications between them that ultimately results in the tragedies that befalls them.
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