She Came To My Concert


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In high school, Ling Chen was the most taciturn student in the class, always walking alone with lowered eyebrows and eyes.

The longest sentence Zhu Wenshu ever said to him was just a polite sentence at graduation, “I wish you a bright future, and I will keep in touch in the future.”

Later, Ling Chen really did have a bright future.

He was dubbed a monster rookie when he debuted, sweeping the major music charts, winning various music awards, and was followed by flowers and applause.

It was rumored that Ling Chen’s “Classmate Xiaocan” was written to his first love who had been engraved in his heart.

Friends knew that Zhu Wenshu and Ling Chen were classmates in high school, so they came to gossip: Do you know who his first love was?

Zhu Wenshan shook her head: I don’t know. It might not be from our school.

One day, the class that had been silent for a long time suddenly became active, discussing the hacking of the famous star classmate Ling Chen.

An old classmate privately approached Zhu Wenshu to complain: Thanks to the account hacker, I just found out that my remark in Ling Chen’s Q|Q was “the sixth in the fifth row.” What about you?

Zhu Wenshu laughed out loud, and couldn’t help opening Q|Q, which hadn’t been touched for a long time, and sure enough, she also received the same message.

Ling Chen: Classmate Xiaocan, Part-time Summer Job, Easily Earns 500 RMB a day, Come quickly add my WeChat: JzB1551

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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: Completed
MTL-ed this quite some time ago. All I remembered generally is that I have a pleasant time reading it, not too long or draggy, simple but enjoyable; at least for me because I usually don't have much patience for BGs but I have completed this, so yeah.

Glad to see this being translated. ❤️
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RavenNubian rated it
May 7, 2023
Status: Completed
I loved it!!! There were a few frustrations mostly around communication but they kept me reading chapter after chapter (I had to MTL it, the torture was worth it. LOL)
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solivagantsoul rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
3.5 stars.

its not particularly memorable or exciting, its just breezy and mellow. Centered around a romance between a celebrity and his high school secret crush around 7/8 years after.

this doesn't revolve around the show biz or even have any elements that surround the entertainment industry much... apart from that one concert and some posts about being spotted.

... more>> so yeah, its a very light-hearted read that has no major drama and is just easy going.

About 67 chapters in mtl (im not sure about extras) that are just right if you haven't got anything else to read or are in the mood for modern slice-of-life.

total green flag couple. <<less
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