Sharing the Dorm with the Enemy from Previous Life


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[Ancient period] The young master of the Demonic Sect, Ruan Qingmu, was a vicious and merciless man with blood-stained hands. In his previous life, he was ambushed and killed, and his corpse was left in the wilderness; it was very miserable.

The only thing Ruan Qingmu didn’t expect was that his archenemy, the young hero, Qin Yuan would be the one who engaged in bloody battles like a madman and helped kill his foes for him.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Ruan Qingmu was transmigrated to a lush green school. In front of him was a table full of mathematics, physics, and chemistry books. The top student of the school just happened to walk by with a cold expression when Ruan Qingmu looked out the window.

His looks manifested his splendid prospects, with sharp eyebrows and phoenix eyes. Yet, the look in his eyes was the same as in their previous life, as if someone owed him their life.

A few days later, a rumor sprang up everywhere:

The remedial class’ Ruan Qingmu had gone mad. He openly grabbed and tore the school uniform of the school grass, Qin Yuan!

Ruan Qingmu: I owe him quite a bit from my previous life. I only wanted to check to see if he was the same person from my previous life…

Qin Yuan: Did you owe me that much? Then how about directly settling the debt at once?

Ruan Qingmu: Hold on, you… you…you really don’t remember me? I had saved you once, even helped you to suck out poison!

Qin Yuan: (with an expressionless face) Don’t remember anymore. How about you demonstrate it once again?

In our dream of a previous life, you and I were young and unbridled, living a luxurious, free, and unrestrained life.

In this present life, the years have been calm and easy, and there is no need to fight in the Jianghu.

[Proud and cold top student gong x troublemaker and two-faced shou]
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Sharing a Dorm with the Enemy from My Previous Life
The Enemy in the Past Life and I shared a Dorm
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Suisui rated it
March 29, 2022
Status: Completed
A low 4 star story. I don't know if I've read too many high school webnovels and I got bored of them but after binge reading this in one day, it wasn't a very memorable story. The premise was alright, though the story felt slow at times. What I loved was ml, he was a respectful vulnerable but loving character, MC also wasn't your typical MC that much, there were also no prolonged misunderstandings if you don't count ml's memories.

... more>>

ML remembered his previous life in the end chapter.


Which I found a bit of a waste, it would have been more interesting if he remembered it earlier. Though, I am thankful that there weren't any multiple chapter long flashbacks of their previous lives, it's just mentioned when MC thinks of what happened before. Still, the author could have expanded a bit more on that since we don't really get to see what kind of interactions they shared in the past, and when/what exactly happened. It's a bit of a mess but I guess author didn't want the readers to focus too much on that.

The story was also a bit lacking when it came to showing ml's thoughts, we get to see his family history and the reason why his personality is the way it is but we don't get to see how and when his opinion of MC changed, when did he start liking him and so on. Though their interactions where plenty and they did start dating in the latter half of the story, so we get to see their everyday life, it did feel a bit empty when it came to ml's inner thoughts.

MC had an okay personality - he wasn't an annoying naive character that keeps misunderstanding things like in many other typical webnovels with a shou MC, but because not much was shown of his past life besides some short flashbacks, he doesn't feel like a well fleshed out character.

The story could have been much better if author expanded more on their past lives. I did MTL the whole story, so that might have also played a part of it, but it's readable and doesn't require too much effort to understand it, so it's not just a matter of translation that something was lacking. The author's way of writing also didn't feel like a typical style, I feel the author gave too much attention to some parts, making themunnecessarily long, and wrote too little about others. The ending dozen chapters or so of the story felt a bit of a chore to read, mostly because I felt so impatient for the ML to finally remember the past life. I also felt like the author had a lot of plans when introducing certain plot points in the story just to change the opinion later and change the planned outcome of them, if that makes sense. Maybe it was just the way I understood it while reading but it seemed as if author had a certain image in mind when describing some events just for them to end very differently from my expectations.

Main example of this being the accidentally recorded audio od MC mentioning ML in the past life causing ML to misunderstand that MC had someone else he liked in the present life when listening to it.

Also, the way ML remembered his past life, not much was written about it.


This might be a good read for those who like it when the side characters play more of a role in the story, instead of just being in the background or convenient plot device that push the MC and ML together. The story does focus on MC and ML a lot, but there are 2 side couples that are also very important and it shows their relationship as well.

The ending also felt like it didn't quite complete the family storyline-the mc' and ml's relationships with their parents and how they viewed their relationship felt like it could have been expanded on and required a bit more of their conversations, though it might feel like it was enough for some, since many webnovels just skip that altogether.

All in all, I think the realistic rating of this story should stay at 4, 0 stars. It was an okay read, nothing too ground-breaking but also nothing particularly memorable. It might also be just a burnout from reading too many novels on my side, but don't expect anything too grand when reading this. It's a lovely story, I don't regret spending my time reading it, but it does feel like there are many points that could have been written better. Give it a try if you don't know what to read, you might end up liking it. <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Like every other school life story, we witness the characters' journey in growing up. Making friends, solving bullies, improving exam scores, sports meet, school performance, falling in love, coming out, dealing with family members.

Unlike other stories, this MC is a demonic sect young master who happens to transmigrate into the current era in the body of a student while the ML is the reincarnation of his friend/rival from the orthodox sect who doesn't have his memories until a later part of the story. Either way, this setting doesn't really play... more>> an important part in the story, it's more of a plot device to add some colour to the story.

In total, there's 3 cps in the story. The main pair, the friends pair, the school doctor pair. The author uses the sub pairs and their struggles to convey the heavy message while the main couple is in charge of serving us readers with fun. I can see the author's ambition but in a way, the execution is not well polished. Perhaps in another few stories maybe if the author didn't give up on creating meaningful story instead of fast food story.

This is a not bad school life story. Suitable for casual reading; passing the time. It will not cause your blood pressures to fluctuate much but rest assured that you will not be bored. Do give it a try! <<less
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February 14, 2024
Status: Dropped

I got bored. Say "no" to faceless cardboards. Say "no" to unnecessary nonsense fillers.

The weird translation is also not helping. I mean, why include the chinese final particle when translating??? It's immersion-breaking. I hate it. Can we leave bleating sheeps and goats (ba) and stamped foot (ah) out? It's the translators job to convey the meaning by not relying on the readers knowledge about the freaking chinese grammar because not everyone is a veteran chinese novel readers. These words also means differently in every language (like in my native language,... more>> these words also exists but with different meaning and function so my mind get inevitably suddenly going sidetracked because I'm obviously reading english but what is this unnecessary inserts, clashing with my understanding??).

Anyways, this is not about the translation. You don't judge/rate the book by translation here in NU according to the rules. That's unfair.

The story is just not very engaging. I don't plan to prolong this suffering so I'm dropping it. I originally planned to quietly exit and dump it on my 'dropped list' but the translation triggered me so much so I had to air it out because many translators do this kind of translation style.

If you're a translator, you don't have to change it if you don't want to, mind you. It's good enough for me that you know that somewhere out there, some readers find it jarring and immersion-breaking. And it's not a good experience. <<less
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Xianxiabl rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c1 part1
f*cking love this book. The handle on mental health, homosexuality, friendship, emotions, and so much more is so realistic. I haven't gone to check the other comments, and I won't, but I'll say this: drop everything and read this now.

There should be that slice of life tag or whatever up there, can I ask @NU to do that please? Yeah. Lovely.

And I'm someone with terribly high standards, and even then it's good enough for me. I just want to tell translator-san that I adore them, and they're doing such a... more>> great job. If I had the money or something, nothing would hold me back from gifting.

Yeah <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
November 5, 2023
Status: c109 part1
It was so much for Amazing and Intriguing than I would had expected.

The friendship between Classmates. And not just One Class, but 2 Class!!!

Because our MC and ML is in different class, and ML was the one who intentional or unintentionally helped MC many times, their Classmates end up work together many times.

... more>> Sure the main Class is the MC's, but it still mentioned and written many times how they follow their 'leader' (MC & ML) and end up supporting each other many times. The Elite Class and the Underachiever Class.

Love the plot of School life and Friendship. Intense and Heartwarming. So Much Joy!! Absolutely Entertaining!!!

There's 3 CPs in here, the main CP and 2 Side CPs. The side CPs is the School CP and Adult CP. The adult CP, mostly one of the character in there was the one who only appear after half the story, but also a Good and somewhat major Character to help our MC and ML and the characters of the Side CP (as a person, NOT a Matchmaker). While the Student CP are the Best friends of MC and ML. The one that actual have Drama, but finally get together in the end. But their story doesn't annoying nor take a big part in it. Major but doesn't try to take big spot or taking many chapters for their own story. Nope! Their story was Interwined with the Friendship plot and Intense plot with MC and their schoolmates.

So this novel was Truly Unexpectedly Intriguing and Entertaining, far from Boring nor having Unnecessary Drama. All their drama was Necessary and making sense!

Anyway this Novel was Amaaaaazing!!!

All Enjoyable Entertaining Characters. From the Main to Supporting Characters. Well written Friendship. Interesting Family Complex of Feels.

But if you wonder if the ML remember after the past life or not...

So far not yet. Only have Dreams and the Deja Vu and some feelings that he still confused about. But no 'Memories'.

And I'm in the chapter where he seems going to have misunderstanding about it. Aiiihhh.... (⁠・⁠_⁠・⁠;⁠)


I just gonna pray sooo hard for the rest of the story have Well Satisfying Ending!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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Yumeru rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Oh second chance for them. It's okay for me there's more story on their first meeting. Anyways happy ending for our couple^^ some youth problems but both of them are more on facing their situation straight up. No major misunderstandjngs and their fam is also cool haha.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
missred rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: c97
The story was okay. Already up to c97 but still no kiss (or was there? I skipped a lot of parts cause, meh.) and probably won't be any smut since this is a very light bl novel.

There were a lot of cute scenes. Will cause diabetes (the amount of screaming I did and spamming my friend from overloaded cuteness).
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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