Sevens Gaiden


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Its been thousands of years since Lyle Walt saved the world and brought prosperity to the land.

But now humanity, having failed to fight against the monsters and almost all of humanity dying, they were forced to construct full walled colonies and avoid all contact with the outside world in fear of the monsters that now are the rulers of the world…

This is the story of Leo Walts, a descendant of Lyle Walts the hero and ruler. This all started once Leo picked up a blue jewel, and the first thing he heard was… My name is【Lyle Walt】, I am your ancestor.

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Sevens After
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Kyuuubi rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c2
Writing the sequel off after only 2 chapters (out of what could easily be 100+ chapters) is a bit premature IMO. Although, in the defense of early reviews, the final chapter of Lyle's story was just released recently. Having finished reading all of Sevens, I'm sure that a majority of the readers would love to see what becomes of Lyle's descendant, because Lyle's story ends in a way that makes you want to know. Leo is no more bland than Lyle was at the beginning of sevens and the plot... more>> actually makes sense. 2000 years have passed and if you consider all the factors from the original story, you would see that the plot flows perfectly in a way that the story can continue: monsters, magic tools, and the flow of time. Rather than a story plagued by kingdom management or civil war, you get this great underdog story coupled with its own tragedic beginnings, that could very well incorporate those two elements--which is what made us care about Lyle in the first place. Also, Leo is only 12 years old and there is still so much room for him is rise to the occasion. Let's give him a chance. With that said, I deeply hope that someone picks up the project soon, because I have my own predictions of how this story is gonna go and I honestly can't wait see what happens next. <<less
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36thaltaire rated it
March 6, 2017
Status: v1c3
You sure this is really the sequel? It's not like, I actually wanted the same storyline as SEVENS. But something just feels off. But, I really have high expectations for this one. I doubt I'll have the "Roller coaster of Feels" for this one. It lacks the tension the prequel has. While the first one seems to focus on eradication celes, I wonder who'd be the antagonist this one.

Another thing, giving one star because lyle doesn't fit the one in prequel? You loose screw or somethin? It was written, clearly,... more>> that he was mid 20's to early 30's in his recorded state. Basically, he built the empire at the age of 17 or 18. Naturally, he would have some character development with Novem-chan wanting to monopolize him and Miranda-chan tryna r*pe him. Get a slack off already. Saying you're a big fan yet hates the sequel just because lyle's matured. (Am Triggered) <<less
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Reimaru rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
I have to admit, the story is as far away from the standard of the SEVEN as possible, and the characters are bland. The 【Lyle Walt】in the jewel feels un-Lyle like. If I can give a rating below 1 I would do so. And I love SEVEN very much... orz
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ClearMadness rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
This story is terrible. I’m a big fan of Sevens, but this story does literally everything that Sevens does right completely wrong. The MC is utterly generic and the plot totally shallow. He just gets handed power without any of the depth and interesting parts that make Sevens great. Spare yourself some annoying spoilers and skip this if you’re a fan of sevens.
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April 15, 2021
Status: c3
Ye bloody scoundrels, 3 chapters in amd you're already comparing both characters, of course it's a bit dull but thats because vital to the story has happened yet other than setting the foundations, seriously !.

Sigh, heres the thing, Sevens was great, one of the best fantasies I've read and I'm sure this is good but it's like comparing a normal sedan against a Rolls royce, it does not give justice, 3 CHAPTERS, and if you look at it from a different perspective, leo is a pretty nice guy,... more>> so don't just teleport unto conclusions. <<less
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shinidoshi rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: prologue
Don't read this the moment you have finished reading Sevens' main story, the post-epilogue episodes, and especially the End of the Empire episode. If you are like me, and you get connected to characters on an emotional level, then you will be punched to the gut with loneliness.

I binge-read Sevens within a couple months. As a result, everything is fresh on my mind. However, I was hungry for more content, and so after reading the first chapter of the Gaiden, all I could say to myself is "it's really lonely"... more>>

It's a good thing Monica doesn't have robot depression


To be honest, I was hoping for the sequel to be 1-2 generations after Lyle's era; about the near- future where Lyle and the Female Camp are retired, but are still on the main stage at times. I wanted the fluff and comfort that was to come for Lyle raising the kids of his 25 wives.

Tl;dr if your hype is at peak after reading Sevens, and you became attached with the entire cast: take a breather and keep your expectations low.

Just like the First Generation, I expect great things from this Second Generation. <<less
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TrueLiesLost rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c3
I love it and really hope someone picks it up. Leo is such a sweetie and reminds me of when Lyle was starting out. I'm really interested in what happened that only adventurers/hunters can really leave the colony and the guild became centered around the ability to use magic weapons. I love Lyle and it's fun to see how he turned out after growing up more. For the people downing it because Lyle doesn't feel like Lyle think about it, we don't know how long Lyle kept hold of the... more>> jewel and after everything he went through for however long he did he is going to change from the teenager we knew at the end of it. With how much time has passed and gems already dying out when we were on Lyle it's really not surprising that info got lost in that time, I see no issue with how he got the jewel seeing as it was still being passed down and Lyle is probably the only one who got it in such a way due to his situation. Really want to see someone pick this up cause I really want to see how Leo's story is going to go and if he is going to end up leading humans out of the colonies or maybe meet some of Lyle's other descendants. This is 2000 years later and we have an orphaned 12 yr old who is just finding out info lost over time as he tries to make something of himself, give it a chance to get going before you judge it too harshly. Someone please pick this up! <<less
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BhozzAoI rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: --
Many said that the Lyle in the jewel felt like it was not Lyle but I feel that it really was him with his true personality because of what we see in SEVENS starting in C339 where he is starting to change to become a little mischievous guy so I think he really will turn like that and remember that it is Sevens gaiden that is the sequel of sevens. We all know of how worse sevens is from the start but it became a great novel afterwards so I... more>> think we should give it a time to read and I think it will be good, well I just hope someone will translate it for us to know. So let us all ask the translators to please translate this <<less
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wontal rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c3
I hope that someone picks this up again.

After the end of sevens, and the roller coaster ride of emotions and humour, I am greatly looking forward to finding out how (mr lyle's - as in his "growth" personality) personality grew in the time before his death. He definitely had to learn how to control the infighting between his wives. I seriously look forward to any flashbacks from the Lyle in the crystal to help fill out some of the original plot lines.

As to sevens Gaiden, yes the personality of the... more>> new MC appears a bit bland, but this is to be expected in the build up of what is an almost completely new world. How can people give it a downgrade this early?

The MC is younger than Lyle was at the beginning of sevens, and lives in an society that would be extremely difficult to break out of. Accordingly the starting story will take a bit longer to get on track. There are sooo many possible plotlines that I can imagine - ie do people that only use magic tools go through "growth" probably not... Is there going to be a descendant of Novem?.. Dam I sure hope so! Is there going to be a female carrier (descendant) of the red crystal that might have evolved into a gem with the memories of a certain warrior woman? I would really look forward to that. Sadly, I would not expect to see a descendant of Vera as I cant imagine the presence in the new world of a merchant sea goddess, even though I would really love to see her.

And finally of course what about the tantalising possibility of conquering the 100th floor of the dungeon, and the passing through the wall (portal?) as mentioned in sevens? This really needs to be resolved. Is this a path to destroy the dungeons? or maybe to meet the 8th goddess (goddess novem's friend).

So much I want answered. Please please continue this translation. <<less
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Gymgym rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c16
Truly, I feel disappointed. When this MC (not lyle) awaken the pendant, we can see that the focus of the story change to Lyle and Monica. This MC just feel's bland... and not alive. The reader interest is turned to Lyle, not the MC Leo.
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LordGrim102 rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: c3
I'm sorry, but the MC is just unlikable fellow that the story becomes mush and uninteresting. There's still lyle though he is really different when the sevens ended so nay. There's monica who didn't change but there's no usual interesting events along.

In the latter part of the novel of sevens. The after story when building lyle's empire. There is a foreshadowing of a sequel after the fall of the empire and all. It is in the volume 18 epilogue last part. About the young boy being ridiculed by the whole... more>> class, the other ancestors including lyle is much more interesting than this sevens gaiden version. I don't know if that one and this version are the same but I think they are entirely different time. I will read the one that includes the other ancestors than this uninteresting piece.

P.S. No wonder other translators have given up on translating this. <<less
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