Secret Saint (?) I Start a Patisserie in Other World!


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The future dream is to open a cake shop. A student that you can meet anywhere die from traffic accidents, She reincarnated as a young lady Celina in another world. She was sentenced to abandon engagement by the son of a Marquis who was her fiancé at school graduation. Flora, The Earl daughter who deprived Serena fiancé. Because of various circumstances, with twin cat’s ears beastman as maid, she start open a patisserie. There are Real estate agent, magic tool store owner, bear beastman, Silver wolf beastman etc.

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Himitsu no Seijo (?) Isekai de Patisserie wo Hajimemasu!
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08/10/20 CTRL+C Translations c4
08/10/20 CTRL+C Translations c3
08/01/20 CTRL+C Translations c2
08/01/20 CTRL+C Translations c1
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