Saint’s Prison


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When Ando Ryu awakened, he found himself collapsed within a monastery. There, he encountered a beautiful nun.

Their meeting was both the beginning and end of everything.

— The girl quietly, earnestly, becomes relentlessly infatuated.

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Saint Prison
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9 Reviews

Dec 17, 2023
Status: c10
It's interesting. So far MC is unravelling the mysteries of the people around him and learning about the world around him. Not much to go off of but I like where the story is going However one tiny problem. For some unknown reason the author decides to make the yandere FML UNDERAGE. Apparently in this world the age of consent is much lower. Seriously this change does nothing to change the story it just makes the romantic gestures between FML and MC creepy. The MC even recognises he shouldn't be... more>> engaging in these acts and should be focused on going home but 'he can't help himself when he sees her'. Luckily its just holding hands and stuff but I still have no idea why author had to include this detail and seriously he HAS to emphasise the FML chest like really bro? <<less
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Dec 29, 2023
Status: c10
Edit: According to onlycrimson1 who has read 47 chapters the FL is indeed underage, I apologize for the confusion but given the evidence I presented I thought I was right at the time I can only say the author pulled a fast one on me. You can still read my original review and you can read the novel if you're really brave lol but I have no reason to doubt that reviewer. And I don't enjoy it enough to read 37 more chapters to see if he's wrong.

About the work... more>> itself. It's a real slow burner, definitely leaning on the psychological horror but doesn't seem like it will do it too strongly. I think you have to be into that to enjoy it, definitely a niche type

So the most liked review on this site as the time of writing claims the FL is underage so I decided to read the same amount of chapters as the reviewer did and... I don't know how to break this to you guys but the FL is in all likelihood not underage The reviewer scandalized me a bit, I thought she was like 12 or something but that's not the case at all. In chapter 10 the MC himself thinks she's underage but I believe that might be a mistranslation, reviewer in question probably latched onto that

Her age is addressed 3 times in the first 10 chapters, in chapter 0 she's said to be a teenager but MC thinks she's close in age to him who's 27. Now you have to bear in mind that the age of consent in Japan is 16 while you get to be a teenager until your 20th birthday so... Her age is addressed again when MC thinks that the age of consent where he's residing is 15 and that FL should have been "married and have children" long ago according to that metric... If she's underage by western standards then she has to be 17 AT MINIMUM otherwise what the MC has been saying makes no sense whatsoever, considering all the evidence her age range is 17-19. So yeah you can read this with peace of mind... About the focus on her breasts, well I counted it happens three times and it's always uncomfortable no matter if the woman is 18 or 30 is an annoying writing tick japanese WN authors have. I don't blame you if it turns you off, I simply choose to ignore it. <<less
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Feb 22, 2024
Status: c47
TL;DR: What should have been a fantastic mystery story is dirtied, trampled upon, and then desecrated by the main character.

To start with the most important point, the female lead IS underage. She is 14 years old, this is explicitly stated. The main character is 27 years old, also explicitly stated.

This was generally fine in the beginning chapters. He brushed her hair, he held her hands, innocent stuff like that. The most indecent thing that occurred was him burying his head in her nape and smelling her. Not super normal but... more>> also not abhorrent.

Then, the female lead was feeling insecure about his past relationships so he f*cked her (while she was still 14 btw). And suddenly it is no longer a cute romance story but instead the ravings of a pe*ophile.

The main character spews so many sophistical arguments in defense of his actions, about how the age of consent is lower in this world, how he tried to hold himself back so much, etc., etc. They are all irrelevant. At the end of it all, the main character did f*ck a 14-year-old girl at 28.

That isn't even my main problem with the story.

First of all, their actual romance is so tainted. This poor girl has been neglected and isolated for her entire life, since birth. The main character is the first ever person to even acknowledge her existence, let alone anything else. This makes the entire relationship feel like it has an imbalance in power. On one hand, the 27-year-old main character who has f*cked numerous women. On the other hand, the neglected 14-year-old with no friends or family or past relationship. Automatically bad.

Second of all, the main character is such a f*cking asshat. The female lead is naturally an extremely insecure person when it comes to affection given to her, considering her prior lack of it. So, she also shows signs of jealousy and insecurity whenever he wrongs her. This happens numerous times throughout the story. I literally couldn't keep track of how many times the main character made her cry over completely avoidable actions.

For example, he visited this one girl to learn about the outside world. They hit it off and get closer and the main character lets her use his nickname. A nickname that only the female lead has used until that point. Naturally, the female lead hears of this and sobs and begs him not to leave her. The next day, the main character visits the same f*cking girl again, female lead finds out and sobs again.

The reason I eventually dropped this novel is also because of these s*upid actions. He continually interacts with a multitude of women which the female lead is clearly not okay with and always has a visceral reaction to. There's this one chick who is literally out to kill the female lead and the jackass main character calls her cute and is physical with her numerous times.

It makes me so angry because this novel could have been fantastic. Scratch that, it IS fantastic in multiple ways, disregarding the detestable main character.

One of these ways is the mystery. There is a foreboding mystery in all of the chapters that I've read which points to a hidden truth. It is written extremely well, with some of the best foreshadowing and attention to detail I've ever seen.

Also, the romance itself was initially fantastic! It was cutesy and seeing the female lead slowly open up and trust him more was adorable. Just to have it all tr*shed and spit upon by this scumbag main character.

The translation is also impeccable, with fluid and evocative writing.

I wish this story documented the MC's eternal torment instead of him being the tormenter of this poor girl. That would be a five-star rating from me. <<less
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Mar 13, 2024
Status: c36
For all those hesitant to try this novel due to the reviews - I understand why you'd be hesitant, but don't fall for them so blatantly.

These reviews paint the MC to be a manipulative bastard pe*ophile, but that's not really it at all. I can tell that the people who wrote these reviews are extremely morally brainwashed westerners who value their hypocritical virtue over what actually matters. No that's not a personal jab, that's just how it is.

While the FML is 14, which is extremely young, and their relationship can... more>> be called one of codependency - don't let that misguide you from the fact that it's a relationship that she needs.

When I say need, I mean that if the MC had not shown up in her life, she would've died alone, miserable, and in despair.

He knows that giving her affection is morally questionable but resolves to do so anyway. Why? Because she had been living in darkness her entire life. She doesn't just crave affection, but it quite literally keeps her going. It's to the point that she would ask the MC to kill her personally if he ever left her. Tell me, what would you do in that situation? While the circumstances gave birth to her love for him, it can't be called manipulation at all.

Tell me, is it "omg pe*ophile" to reciprocate in that situation?

This resolve is explained in the novel - to which these reviewers conveniently ignore. You all want to shame him for giving love to an underage girl but you ignore that girl who is saved by that love. Would you rather have her just live in misery until she's inevitably killed not long after? Just because you want to shame him? Unbelievable hypocrisy.

Though it is true that the novel feels like it was written by someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with romance.

The protagonist makes a lot of questionable decisions - though keep in mind that he has absolutely no obligation to keep her from crying, at least until he gives his love to her fully.

I wanted to give this a 3.5, but the site didn't really let me.

This is because the worldbuilding is basically non-existent, with the setting feeling more like the skin of a world because the entire novel takes place in a temple.

The actions that the MC takes can be considered illogical and strange - for instance, sneaking around to discover more about the church when he hadn't even asked any of its members questions first. Or heading outside when he knows zilch about the world. Odd considering he's supposed to be 27.

The chapters are so short they can't even be considered bite size, but I'll give that a pass if it's just a hobby for someone.

The cast is incredibly small. You only really get to know like 5 characters, and 3 of them are barebones. Why is Francesco the only priest interacting with the MC at all?

The MC should've been much more fleshed out, but the romance is very sweet. I like seeing despairing people become happy, sue me. <<less
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Dec 23, 2023
Status: c21
Japanese protagonist is stranded in a monastery in another world.

He can read and write the language, so clearly something about this place is different. The nun keeps him company, while he is trying to get used to this world. Well, leaving the monastery would leave him stranded again. Meanwhile the monks and nuns keep a peculiar distance from his companion.

The translation is smooth, so I absolutely recommend to give it a try!
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Mar 17, 2024
Status: c0
Reminds me of Saya no Uta. I'm checking the author's syosetu account. Ima make it 5 cuz it somewhat counterbalances to those who complain too much. I like that it isn't wish fulfillment, that's enough to disregard it's questionable themes, cuz we are expected to think about it. Unlike certain novels where they don't realize a reincarnated person as a child surrounded by under-aged girls are questionable, and isn't a plotpoint. Here, it is. Instant respect.
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Dec 24, 2023
Status: c23
It's a very intriguing story about love and mystery. I'm very interested in the mystery behind kuro (the mc) and Amal.
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Mar 12, 2024
Status: c40
I genuinely do not know what other people see in this novel. The background settings feel half-assed, as in the case with many Asian novels using Western fantasy aesthetics, the MC is an absolute as*hole towards the FML who is clearly in a codependent relationship with him, to the point that reading about their romance feels like psychologycal torture, the chapters are way, way too short, etc.

And no, you can't just justify the FML being a minor with "well that's how people back then were". People back then also killed... more>> anyone who had s*x outside of marriage! Don't see that happening in this novel, at all! You can't just bring le medieval morality only when it justified your barely disguised fetish <<less
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Mar 07, 2024
Status: --
This novel is amazing! The writing is good, translation is neat, and the romance is pretty good too.

Ignore the ramblings from other reviewers saying underage this, underage that. Just because of our modern laws we can't ignore how people lived until 19th century. With a low life expectancy of less than 35 years of course people got married early! A simple Google search can let you know that life expectancy was around 25 years during the roman times. And this isekai world is clearly set in medieval times where books... more>> are transcribed by hand and no laws like human rights and women rights exist. Even MC is treated with contempt due to his race most of the times.

With no medical knowledge from current times MC might die before 30 and I won't even be shocked.

So if you aren't bothered by reading a story with realistic views on the world you can give this a try. <<less
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