Ruling Another World Begins with Becoming a Witch


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Luo Feiyi, a gaming enthusiast, finds herself transported into another world, taking on the life of an eight-year-old orphan in a strange land.

Transported without any memories of her past life, Feiyi struggles to understand the foreign language of this new world and is unaware that her original body was detected for magical fluctuations and was about to be forcibly enrolled in the Black Magic Academy.

The Black Magic Academy is a place feared by all in this world, rumored to house the most terrifying black magic sorcerers. The abyss is merely their plaything, and anyone who dares approach it becomes imprisoned by them, their souls forever ens*aved.

Feiyi, observing the terror-stricken face of the orphanage headmistress, belatedly realizes the gravity of her situation.

However, upon arriving at the academy gates and seeing the familiar architecture, landscapes, and characters, she clutches her chest in shock.

…Wasn’t this the starting village from an online game titled “Land of Gods and Demons” she used to play?!

That was the game she had diligently completed and topped the leaderboards for combat strength!

She knew every hidden level and creature in the game like the back of her hand.

Feiyi, with literacy skills barely sufficient for kindergarten, couldn’t help but laugh. Could there be a more divinely favored beginning?

The Witch Academy recently admitted a peculiar student. She appears utterly lost in conversation, never speaks up in class, and does everything at a snail’s pace.

After observing her for a few days, the teachers conclude that this student might have intellectual challenges.

Her fellow students also think she isn’t quite right in the head.

But by the end of the term, Feiyi, deemed not quite right in the head, emerges as the top student of the academy.

More than that, everyone is horrified to discover—

She not only recognizes herbs unknown to the teachers but also understands their full effects.

She freely accesses forbidden areas that even the headmaster cannot enter and is revered by the powerful fallen beings within as their master.

She even knows the spells of the long-lost Old Gods, summoning children of darkness as her familiars.

She can make stars fall and wither all life.

She is no simple-minded child but a true genius, the undisputed Great Witch Queen of this world!

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January 2, 2024
Status: Completed
This is very very very good. I highly highlyyyyy recommend it to anyone who likes world-saving novels. It's not perfect but I still give it a solid 5 star. The translator did a good job, however, sometimes the names are mixed up and/or spelt differently (i.e. MC "Fei Yi" becomes "Fiey" "Faye" etc.) Still, you can tell with the surrounding text on who it's meant to be. If you also try to think deeper into some of the plot lines, you'll find some inconsistencies or explanations that don't really make... more>> sense but the author did well with what they meant to convey. It's a very short read so there's not a lot of time to get into extensive world building. There is barely any romance since the novel focuses more on MC's goal and saving the world. However, I'm pretty sure the author meant for the demon to be the main ML if there were more time for romance. I also think some of the details are influenced by Harry Potter (i.e. The academy/witches/etc.), various MMO characters/creatures, etc. But the novel is still very creative to me (or maybe I don't read/watch enough movies/dramas). So if you're in the mood for a high IQ protagonist and don't mind little to no romance then you should give this a try.


The MC was brought into the world to save it from disaster, disaster meaning being turned into a video game for Earth to play with. She, being the highest-ranked player for 5 years was pulled by the little world system to a time before the end of their world. In the game, witches were practically extinct but in the world system, witches were teachers and created an academy in order to wait for the one that will save them from their doomed curse. She basically goes around finding parts of her golden wheel and tries to fix plot lines in order to bring the world from 0% to 100% completion which will avoid a total collapse of the world. Since she is in a time before the game, then a lot of big boss she struggled to defeat were in their infancy stage. So using her knowledge, she goes around defeating them even though she had a much lower level than them because she knows their strength and weaknesses. Her biggest advantage at the beginning is her knowledge of the future and world because she's been playing the game for so long. There is a main boss that you will see towards the end of the novel. He's pretty OP but she manages to level up and becomes OP as well even though she started at level 0. The battles were great, the last battle was a bit less intense but hey, it makes sense with her strength at the end. I had hoped for more romance between Beelzebub and her but that's just me personally. Overall it was very satisfactory to read.

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