Rough Roommate is Too Wild


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Lin Suisui is an anchor who usually earns money by flirting on live broadcasts. In private, after taking off her makeup, she is actually a woman with a conservative heart and a soft and cute personality.

Water in the old house leaked, and the landlord helped her find a new one.

On the first day of moving to a new house, she bumped into her male roommate who was not wearing any clothes. He was tall, estimated at 185cm, with abdominal muscles, and he smelled of male hormones.

Lin Suisui’s face turned red. The other party whistled to her and smiled mischievously, “We are all adults, why are you so ashamed?”

On the second day after moving in, the roommate sleepwalked into the wrong room and even used her as a pillow to press under his body….

After Lin Suisui lost her first night, life began to become “difficult”.

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1 Review

Oct 09, 2023
Status: Completed
This story was a typical "you're always forgiven as long as you're handsome (and rich) ". If ML was a bit ugly and poor, maybe MC would already sue him for harassing her. Aside from the story being a fictional, I still think that ML was a bit creepy.

And the sm*t supposed to be a highlight of this story since there's barely any plot in it but unfortunately, the sm*t wasn't that good and even was a bit uncomfortable to read.

... more>>

I mean, s*x during her time of the month? Just imagining how messy it would become, I just want to say "ew". And having s*x until you urinate on the bed? Ugh, a big no. And MC's reaction when they did it was over exaggerating until it completely turned me off


But still, thanks for the translator for your hard work. <<less
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