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This is a world where the living have become the undead, a world where faith remains unwavering but yet crumbles, a world where everything is available but yet, nothing remains.

We yearn for salvation and hope for a downfall with cold cruelty as we act out with our insanity and zealous nature. We may be as strong as the gods, but we’re also as ignoble as ants…

Stop and you’ll be in hell, but going forward is just the same, only at a different place.

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selweron rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c14

Chapter 1 will sound awfully similar to zombie apocalypse fans.

You are not wrong, check out Apocalypse Meltdown. This is clear plagiarism.

The only difference is like, here we get angry loli who thinks her brother is sick with the idea of the end of the world and in the other a meek sister who listens to his brother and believes him.

I will only acknowledge this novel if it turns out to be better than the other one :P
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AIm21 rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It was really too awful as none of the characters are simply not memorable or elicit any reason to care for them, like his sister or potential love interest, as they were missing for most of the series and does absolutely nothing.

The Main Character is simply ret*rded as he always in Chinese novels as he simply act to greedy in situation that should kill him and act too s*upid in the situation that is desperate. Despite this being his second time in the apocalypse.

The world building is vast, but I... more>> feel it is too shallow and one really can't seem to careless as one read on. The planet in the end was the enemy and the human the virus. Yeah, yeah we get it global warming is real and human consumption etc. I feel like the series would had improved if the author added space disaster and aliens from the past because they say people can't escape for some reason from the earth as if they don't understand how to use astronomy to find new worlds or how to collect the solar system resources nor terraforming planets. So there problem seem extremely silly and is likely due to the author heritage that the home can't be abandon no matter the cost and therefore invented the most convoluted reason as to why it can't. In the end, they say these ancient civilizations are super advance, but in reality they might as well be medieval people with guns and cool armor.

The cultivation system became insanely boring with only thinking of how much energy is used in the end later on. <<less
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