Reincarnated Devil’s Strongest Hero Training Plan ~The baby he picked up has grown up so well that his father is confused~


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Reincarnated as a low-ranking demon in Hell for two thousand years, a man with memories of being Japanese was enjoying a slow life. However, suddenly, a war broke out between Heaven and Hell. Caught in the aftermath of the power unleashed by the gods against the Demon King, he was swept away to another dimension.

Lost in the dimensions and eventually finding himself in a different world, the pitiful low-ranking demon stumbled upon a human child.

“I have some free time, so I’ll raise you.”

Driven by nostalgia for his human past, the low-ranking demon decided to whimsically raise the human child, unaware of the truth. This child, in fact, was the legendary hero destined to save the world.

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Tensei Akuma no Saikyou Yuusha Ikusei Keikaku
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BigBadBoi rated it
April 30, 2024
Status: c70
This is a really enjoyable slice of life parenting novel.

The plot might be considered pretty generic but it's pretty fun and lighthearted. It's a fun read to pass the time.

If I have to describe it it's like those shitty "zero common sense MC raised by OP parents" from the parent's perspective. The only difference is it's actually good because the son was raised to have common sense (no cringe gags where the MC breaks common sense for le funny) and isn't denser than a neutron star (he just has extremely... more>> high standards because of his mom's education).

The translations are decent as well which is a plus.

I'd say it deserves a 4 star rating at least. <<less
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