Reincarnated as the Childhood Friend That Dies Protecting the Heroine in an Eroge, I’ve Decided to Dote on and Care For Her


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Before he knew it, our protagonist had turned into a baby!

Hearing his mother pronounce his name, he realized he was now in the world of that Eroge he used to play…

And at that moment, he swore he’d escape his fateful death and shower the heroine with love, in more ways than one.


Shimizu Shuu

Height: 178Cm

A handsome guy.

Main Heroine:

Himeyuri Amane

Height: 159.6cm

A beautiful girl.

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12/23/22 Hatsuhi c1
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Fossil rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: c15
Alright. Someone has to say it. This is a subpar novel with a cheat protagonist. That wouldn’t be enough to turn me away normally, but they started the main character as a child. And he’s been one for fifteen chapters.

Again, that’s fine normally. But why should a four year old be able to fight one of the strongest demons in the world at the age of 5? Why was he transferred to a forest full of demons by a sword skill of another child? Why the heck are they s*xual... more>> using the children with the skills?

The last part is probably my main turn away, since it’s implied that he’s checking her life force in a way that stimulates her. Of course, the absolute lack of danger so early into the story is also awful.

But, if you like that stuff, go ahead. It’s not my cup of tea though. <<less
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PanzerMk72 rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: v1c24
Alright, it's my 1st time posting a review here so please bear with me. I may update this in the future as more chapter is released.

This novel is actually one of the more decent ones IMO, the romantic aspect wise:

... more>>

Our MC is not a beta guy... and he actually proposed to the FML at the end! Hooray!


Well because the novel is based on a fictional eroge so there are bound to have scenes that are interesting in nature.


The life force checking (and its "consequence") is of course logical given the novel's setting, so I have to bear with it even though I wish it could be relocated to a latter part of the story


At any rate, so far I find this is a fun treat to gorge on. Hope that later chapters keep up the same quality.

*Updated review: the end chapter IMO was rushed quite a bit, still at least it allowed our stoopid lovebirds to have a good ending there.


On the other hand, that bit about the game's "MC"... that bastard is another reincarnated soul, and he's a nasty piece of work. Hope that he got cucked lmao.



Holy molly, I've just had a look at the raw... damn the game's "MC" is actually in league with the calamities. Damn no wonder why the FL got fascinated with him at the end of Vol 1.

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