The Villain Who’s Sat on and Abused Until He Runs Out of Strength ~That Time They All Fell for Me When I Started Scoring Points With the Protagonist~


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One day, I simply remembered.

I was the villain of an Eroge, Kasashima Yuuji, who bullied the protagonist and ended up getting sat on and beaten to a pulp by the heroines.

…Alright, all I have to do is not bully the protagonist and it’ll all be fine and dandy…

And so, I decided to live my life without bothering anyone, but… somehow I scored a bunch of points with the protagonist and the heroines, and the riding began all over again…

Although, this time it’s on a bed. And guess who’s on top now?

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Freshl0517 rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: c23
I haven't finished the book, but this is my impression at this point.

So far: the original protagonist's attitude toward our MC has been real sus. So I'm starting to think that the 'they' in "they all fell for me" includes even the original protagonist. If that is the case then this would be the first time I've read about a bisexual harem, and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

Still, since I've only gotten this far into the novel, this could change later on. Maybe we'll see the old trope were... more>> "the harem king was actually a girl all along"? lol.

Anyway right now, The only people actively interested in our MC (Yuuji) are the og protag (Yuito) and the MC's maid, Hibari. No relationships have been comfirmed yet, but he has basically become the original Protag's Best Friend, I'm kind of hoping it'll stay that way, but things could change in the future.

Our MC, Yuuji, himself gives me some 'Ryuuji Takasou' vibes (Tora-Dora). He's a reincarnator and while in his past life he was a normal middle class kid, in this one, he's taken the body of a rich bad boy.

Although he's in a different highschool with no connection to his past, 'his' reputation precedes him, and 'his' scary appearance frightens everyone else. But on the inside, he's just lonely and a bit frustrated that he can't make friends normally because everyone is afraid of him.

Yuito, despite being the original protagonist of an eroge, is the living embodiment of cuteness. He's naive, innocent, and childish, but he hasn't been able to make friends with other guys, So he's very enthusiastic in his platonic (?) pursuit of Yuuji, who was the only other person willing to befriend him aside from Mahiro and Rina.

The maid, Hibari, at first seems like a stoic Kudere type, what with her never changing deadpan expression -_-, but in truth she's kind of sassy and sarcastic, but rather than speaking out of malice, she does it in an indearing way with obvious care for her master.

Mahiro and Rina are the childhood friends of Yuito, and the heroines of the original eroge. These two are obviously romantically interested in Yuito, but because he seems to suffer from dense protagonist syndrome, he treats them like they're his big and little sisters, and doesn't really seem to see them as potential partners.

They are both Yanderes, so it seems like its only a matter of time before they attack Yuito. Yuuji wants to avoid them if at all possible, but since they're always with Yuito, that doesn't seem like an option. So he's always very cautious whenever he talks to Yuito.

The writing is good and the dialogue is pretty fun at times. The translation is perfectly readable. The only issue is that we only get so many chapters...

Hatsushi, the group translating this novel are also translating 4 other novels at the same time as this one, so I worry that progress here will be slow.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with what ive read so far and happily hoping to read more.

Edit: One more thing, the Yuito is actually super cute and gentle, so I hope he has a happy ending no matter what happens in the future.

Edit 2 (C22) : Yuito at this point is unbearably cute, I don't know how anyone could dislike him. If Yuuji doesn't want him in his harem, then I'll take him! I don't even care if it makes me sus... <<less
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April 20, 2023
Status: --
Personal opinion but I can never get into these “make the devoted lover of fake MC love real mc”. First half where they still love the og it just feels like ntr, ur literally forced to watch them flirt 24/7. Then when the heroines started falling for MC its just a starting point of another novel at that point. The first half of the story might as well as not be there. Idk.
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