Reincarnated as Poor Baron’s Youngest: Three Goddesses’ Cheats for a Carefree Life


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Centuries since the glory of the first generation. In a distant borderland far from the capital, as the youngest child of the Clematis Baron household, Hisui Bellcoula Clematis came into existence.

Upon being born, he immediately realized something – he retained memories from his previous life.

The young man who had lived a life of extreme poverty in his past life was suddenly reincarnated as a nobleman’s youngest son one day.

“Alright! I’m rich now!”

His elation was short-lived. The place he had been reincarnated into was the financially troubled Poor Baron’s family!?

His father showed no interest in him whatsoever. His birth mother had passed away. The eldest son bullied him relentlessly, and the second son did nothing to stop it. To be honest, the situation was even more severe than in his previous life.

“This is quite the reincarnation! I need to acquire the strength to stand on my own while I still can!”

With determination, Hisui’s new life began.

He was granted three powers by three goddesses that shouldn’t have been able to coexist within him.
He used cheats to defeat formidable enemies.
He helped troubled girls and ended up with a harem.

Noble title? Reputation? Territory?
He desired freedom more than any of those things!

The youth seeking tranquility found himself swept up in the extraordinary.

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New In_General rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: c77
Completely average in every aspect, but the one thing that annoys me more than any other is the typical Travis Translation/Story Seedling trope of changing a characters names every chapter. There is absolutely no continuity in many character's names from chapter to chapter, in 5 chapters ive seen the first princess be called Mya, Maia, Maya, Mya, and Myra. Its completely ludicrous, not to mention the changes of pronouns being wrong for many individuals who are speaking as well as often having 2 paragraphs of recap at the beginning of... more>> each chapter that was previously covered at the end of the last which isnt needed imo. Then you have the MC who is weak willed and spineless and doesnt let his own opinion on matters be known unless it has to do with his sisters. Not to mention the constant plot holes in the story or the constant changing of previously stated facts <<less
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Zhuryck rated it
September 27, 2023
Status: c15
-Beta MC who does nothing when bullied even though he clearly has the power to

-Preaches about wanting "peace and quiet"

-Every single girl fawns over him for no reason

-5 years old but already more op than everyone else

sounds like another typical wish fulfillment JP novel, I'm outta here
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spectrearc rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: c30
Tried to give it a shot, but it's literally your archetypical jp isekai novel

Beta MC, tries to avoid conflict even with his cheat powers

No background behind how and why he's isekaied and why the goddesses love him
Honestly it's really mid..

So far it's gone like this

- MC gets bullied by brothers

- goddesses freak out and demand blood and act all yandere

- spineless MC pacifies them saying peace and love

It reeks of wish fulfilment and is really frustrating to read
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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