Regressing with the King’s Power


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“I’ll devour all of your skills!”

‘F*ck this awakening bullshit’, ‘To hell with being a loser.’

Kim Taehyun, whose latent talent was unknown, was treated as a loser for not being able to awaken.

At the moment of death, he awakened the ability to create gates leading to the ‘King.’

Taehyun, who regressed through the power of the King, gained a new skill “Predation.”

Taehyun, who was 35 years old at the moment of his death, regressed back to when he was 19.

[The skill has been devoured.]

In this new life, he felt like he could become the very best.

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왕의 힘으로 회귀한다
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dandys10 rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: c27
Mediocre. The author tries to project the image that the MC is a rational, cold-blooded pragmatist, but it reads like a middle schooler's power fantasy. I'd prefer if the author leaned one way or the other instead of straddling the middle line between power fantasy and "slow growth".

Good for when your other reads aren't updating, but don't expect anything outstanding.
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ReaderExMachina rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: v1c4
So far, the translation quality is very good and the story is enjoyable.

A minus would be the MC shouting "Amazing!" while looking at his skills but it is still the beginning of the novel, and I honestly didn't expect the MC to be some kind of cold calculating machine (I mean, he regressed, got an amazing skill AND got monopoly on precious info, so getting happy is normal).

Mentally strong MC (got his legs cut off and still found time to curse), the talent to become overpowered (if he play his... more>> cards right), and very good translation (good things needs to be said at least twice).

Would recommend to anyone looking for a growth type MC with the potential to become overpowered. Also for those who search for Hunter type novels. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Common_people rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: c70
I read the manhwa at first, and it's interesting. So I searching if it's a novel adaptation, and here it is. I thought it would be good, but.. My expectation is too High. The novel is good too but it's not detail, I feel like some scene is more detail in manhwa and a lil bit different feel from the novel. I try to read it to get further info and yeah.. I guess I drop at this chapter first, and read to get the feel
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