Refuse to Marry the Demon Emperor: Lure and Pamper the Adorkable Concubine


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Ye Muxi opened her eyes and found that she slept with a man. She calmly looked at the man, sitting by the headboard, who called the wind and summoned the rain: “Don’t shout, I will take responsibility of you.” He chuckled and said: “Okay, I’ll wait for you to take responsibility. You don’t need a lot of betrothal gifts; just ten miles of splendid clothing and thousand miles of dowry is fine.” Ye Muxi looked at the few coins in her wallet and calmly withdrew her promise: “Forget it, let’s just be friends.”

Everyone in the capital of Nanyan knew that in order to fly onto a branch and become a phoenix, Ye Muxi, the daughter of the Ye family, was a starry-eyed fool who only ran after men with status and power. But who knew the man who kept bothering her constantly was not like his appearance; he was a demon, black to his blood and bone! !

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melon.mochi rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c260
I grew to love this novel and its characters, which is why I decided to start translating before I finished the book. One of the main reason why this book deserves a translation is the world building. It starts off slow, or should I say the exposition is quite long, but after it establish a solid foundation, the story takes off and the reader will inevitably be invested in the characters.

Another reason why I love to read this novel is because it's more easy-going than most others. The author trade... more>> a small piece of 'torturous conflict' for a huge amount of feel-good and hilarious scenes. Basically a perfect novel to read when you want to wind down and have a few laughs. <<less
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