Reborn to Be A Beast Master


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In an alternate modern world, where people could summon their own beastly companions, His journey was anything but ordinary.

As the college entrance exams loomed, He found himself the subject of ridicule for his choice of a companion – a small, seemingly inconsequential snowball known as an ornamental pet.

“”Little Snowball? Merely a decorative trifle, utterly useless.””

“”Why bother with a pet that lacks the capability to evolve?””

“”Its potential is pitifully inadequate. It’s destined to remain stagnant for its entire life.””

“”Dreaming of the Familiar Academy? Utterly impossible.””

He was bombarded with questions, scorn, and derision.

But what they didn’t know was his unique ability – he could unlock the maximum potential of any Beast Evolution!

With a calm demeanor, he gazed at the pet panel, visible only to him.

“”Hidden evolution route!””

“”Queen’s Path: a route of boundless potential. It can ascend to the regal King class.””

From Little Snowball to Ice Crystal Soul, from Snow Girl to Ice Blue Girl, and ultimately, the formidable Extreme Ice Queen… the transformation was breathtaking.

Now, armed with the power to unleash the fullest potential of any beast, he faced his doubters with a bold challenge.

“”Who dares to call my Snowball useless now?””

The stage was set for an extraordinary journey, where potential defied expectations and a small snowball could ascend to royal heights. Who would have the last laugh in this tale of evolution and triumph?

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