Reborn as the Spirit King


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When I awoke, I found myself in an unfamiliar world, having to adapt to it. However, this didn’t mean I couldn’t survive. Why? Because, the spirits seem to love me a lot.

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환생했더니 정령군주
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06/05/20 Mooju Translations c14 part1
06/04/20 Mooju Translations c13 part6
06/03/20 Mooju Translations c13 part5
06/02/20 Mooju Translations c13 part4
06/02/20 Mooju Translations c13 part3
05/29/20 Mooju Translations c13 part2
05/28/20 Mooju Translations c13 part1
05/27/20 Mooju Translations c12 part4
05/26/20 Mooju Translations c12 part3
05/24/20 Mooju Translations c12 part2
05/22/20 Mooju Translations c12 part1
05/21/20 Mooju Translations c11 part6
05/20/20 Mooju Translations c11 part5
05/19/20 Mooju Translations c11 part4
05/16/20 Mooju Translations c11 part3
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bloobloo rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: v1c2
A KR novel with the template of a JP novel. Only 2 chapters out right now but it's a really good start. I hope to buddha it doesn't follow the JP novel checklist of an all powerful MC who wants a "slow life" blegh. I also hope it doesn't follow the KR novel checklist of needless drama caused by people acting like ret*rds.
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Heartless rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c11 part4
I thought it was good novel, and I really wanted to believe it would be.

We had a good premise, with a powerless MC escaping from his home, then it's revealed that he attracts spirits.

And from nowhere: a few years time skip

... more>> and baam, he is now covered by plot armor, anything he wants, he will have and everyone else who worked hard their entire lives can't hold a candle to our "unfortunate" MC.

He seems to have switched personality or something. It's like reading about them xianxia murder-hobos in a korean book.

Well it's not bad, it's just not my cup of tea. 3/5 <<less
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April 29, 2020
Status: c8 part3
I think the novels pretty good so far- besides the big time skip in the first couple of chapters- It's ok.


I hope that the princess doesn't start chasing Jade because he didn't want to take her useless behind as a bride. Like she already said some crap about "Getting payback" Like excuse me, miss what "payback"? I would've thought that someone who- was so ready to sacrifice her body to tie someone you barely know to you and your companions would think beforehand, "Huh, he might reject my offer to... more>> marry." Get off your high horse. You should have thought of this sure your pride as a woman is hurt, but not everyone wants to marry, and you should accept that. He has his reasons for not wanting to marry you, and even if he didn't- he doesn't have to marry you or anyone for that matter. <<less
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Absolute-Melody rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c4 part2
It's decent but there is so much to be desired. I don't want to kill this novel before I can read more... for now:

[ 3.5 stars ]

I wish the author approached this more as a slow burner rather than rushing through time and possible world-building events.

... more>> 4 years pass in 4 chapters!

(My biggest qualms after world-building) : I wish that Jade's initial spirits were fleshed out more and his psychokinesis was touched on a little more than "Oh yeah, he also has psychic abilities from the previous world".... Excuse me? What type of lead-in is that? If the author had at least prefaced why Jade has his powers (which would've been easy to tie his death into) I would be fine with his psychokinesis. But the story just feels sloppy if you try to think about it using rudimentary logic.

It's truly infantile, the Japanese Isekai cliché of wanting to come back to their previous world while also granted cheats to "survive" in the new one.

The story is only just starting, so I hope the author can somehow salvage this story and break the mold of the cliché. However my hopes are undoubtably small. <<less
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LilyWantslove rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: c7
Well, this novel was quite good.

The MC start was quite confusing and kinda fast. But it okay. Cause I like fast pace stuff.

The MC has reasonable mind. Has good campanion.

I start to feel worry with MC at when he save the princess and prince from his country. It kinda hurt my eyes. I hope this MC would not be swayed by a female with beauty and useless power. And I read this novel cause it doesn't has Harem or romance tag. So please don't crush my expectations.
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Hans34 rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c14.1
The MC isn't naive and it looks like he's rejecting beautiful girls

So there's no harem and I love that, great fights and he's summoner plus warrior plus reading memories if he touch the items hahaha awesome
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