Quit The Hero Party


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Raniel, the promising wizard and the prospective owner of the most renowned magic tower in the kingdom, gives up his title and leaves to join a heroes’ party led by Kyle, the warrior. Along with the other members, Raniel sets out on adventures to slay the Demon Lord—the evil being who trampled his village long ago. He spends four years defeating the dark forces and grinding half of his life to save his team, only to find out that his effort has been in vain. Kyle suddenly kicks Raniel out of the party one day, claiming that their goals are different. Devastated after getting betrayed by his team, Raniel decides to return to the tower, but things grow worse when he runs into a succubus queen on his way back, gets cursed, and realizes… he has turned into a girl?!

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I Quit the Hero's Party
I Quit the Heroes' Party
용사 파티 때려치웁니다
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omelnw rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: --
I believe there are many readers who are interested in this novel from the manhwa's release. The novel received top ranking on Novelpia, and has received some awards as well.

For me, this novel is considered well written. There is a clear direction of the story that focus on the personalities and development of MC. Including the relationships between the characters.

The story at the beginning is not very interesting. But it will gradually increase in interest after reading for a while.

I know there are reasons and elements that make this novel... more>> unpopular. Or not worth following in the beginning, such as changing the gender of MC or being kicked out of a party that seemed unreasonable.

But when you get to the point where the story reveals itself, I can tell that the breakup in the party makes a lot more sense than in other novels I've read.


The reason for the party's breakup doesn't happen for a simple reason like in other novels. It has nothing to do with the characters' strengths or weaknesses. It is not a matter of personal likes or dislikes. But it's a matter of personality. And complex relationships, especially MC and the hero, which leads to the conclusion of the first part of the novel.


And things that initially didn't make sense to you will disappear once you've gotten to the point where they're revealed. This novel is a good novel, but because of problems in the presentation at the beginning, many people have drop it away. For this reason, I recommend it to readers who are interested in this novel. This novel is worthy enough for you to read at least once. Don't worry it won't be worth it. It's definitely worth reading. <<less
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SuperSimp rated it
December 19, 2023
Status: c538
The characters are three-dimensional and distinctive. Each character has their own values and acts according to their own beliefs. The author reflects the characteristics of the characters well until the end. It's different from mass-produced novels. I like that they didn't pull off a generic character. Come out and keep the character until the end.

It's a TS, but TS is just the author's passion for writing. =⁠_⁠=

I've tried reading the manga. At first the presentation was very s*upid. I recommend that you try reading the first chapter of the novel.... more>> The novel is much better presented than the manga and the author was able to finish it without ruining it. <<less
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Kadenk rated it
March 8, 2024
Status: c140
It's well written and I do like the MC but I wish the TS effected them more. I also want to know why it was done...

Wish I could read it all but I don't think there is a way to without paying out the ass for each and every chapter
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DarkD rated it
December 5, 2023
Status: --
It's actually pretty well written, but I think people looking for a gender-bender gimmick are disappointed with what they find. For all intents and purposes, the protagonists gender change has almost no effect on the story telling whatsoever. It happened, and now the story doesn't care anymore. Even the protagonist just sees it as a convenient tool to hide their identity and just doesn't care anymore beyond that.

The story did the same thing with the other gimmick. People may think this is another story using the gimmick where the most... more>> important member of a team leaves and the team that threw them out constantly get reminders about how important that person was. That does happen, but it's the mildest interpretation of that gimmick I've ever read by far. The protagonist is important and powerful, but there's maybe a scene reflecting the teams regret once every 20 chapters. And it's only to the point of "Damn, we used to be able to clear the monsters twice as fast before."

The actual storytelling itself is pretty good, nothing amazing. If you ignore the failed gimmicks, it would be a weak 4/5 stars. I'm taking off points because it's really not crazy interesting or impressive. I'm not in love with it. It's a good time-waster.

However, those gimmicks exist and I'm tempted to knock it lower than 3 as you can only read this novel on Tappytoon where you have to pay like a dollar or two per chapter and the chapters really aren't that long. Buying all the currently release chapters will probably cost you around 70 dollars. <<less
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