The Magic Academy’s Physicist


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In an era when the power of Fire Magic was considered to have reached its limit, one girl began researching nuclear fusion.

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마도 아카데미의 물리학자
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JackSparrowingNovels rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: c10
I registered an account just for the misunderstandings about this novel and the false review above. This novel REALLY has potential.

The novel is about an academic/researcher which is asked to peer review a paper (academic paper, not novel) about the science of magic. Ofc MC says its unscientific nonsense. Afterwards a golden eyed girl comes to her/him and the MC gets thrown into another world as that golden eyed girl named Aether. And bad news? Bad news is that Aether is a real sl*ve. (This isnt a genderbender novel... more>> btw, dont believe the tags, bec we dont know the researcher's gender in real world.)

I liked the worldbuilding at first, a world that is between ww1 to ww2 era with magic and science. Yes magic isnt just saying ✨️magic✨️ and be done with it, most novels expect you to not question the magic unlike this one. ✨️magic✨️ why? Dont ask. Lmao. Anyway, back to the topic. In this novel magic still follows rules and science albeit fictionally ofc. And bec rules are scientific, Aether has a great advantage as a person who knows modern science. This type of realistic magic is the best worldbuilding in my opinion. Let alone the unique timeline of that world.

But then came the cliches. Demon lord bla bla [insert cliche world building], rescuing some youngsters by running into them bla bla [insert cliche character introduction]. Thankfully it looks like mild cliches. Also its just recently mentioned and we are at the start of the novel, so I cant say whatever it will be reaaaaly cliche or not. Tho I have high hopes for this novel.

For the characters, its still early, most characters have no defining characteristics bec well... 10 chapter is too short to actually build characters. The only characters that are more than just names are the MC and the owner of the MC. Aether is a Golden-eyed which means she cant use magic naturally and had to rely on scrolls and similar tools. But her race is rare, beautiful and rumored to be genius etc. Her personality becomes jaded, exhausted and just burnout from her new life. She just want to return to Earth and to do that she work hard to learn and research magic and combine it with science. Basicly an academic sl*ave both figuratively 🤣 and literally.

But the owner of her. Real problems start with her. She is someone who can do anything to improve her Fire Magic. She doesnt even care about her status as Duchess and just want to get better at fire magic. She desperately needs a breakthrough in that magic field and see that breakthrough in Aether. So she buys Aether and overworks her to the bone. She always give harder and harder tasks related to magic to Aether. Everything is great until this point. An evil that isnt for the sake of evil. She has her own motives and agendas. BUT, this supposedly rational woman is in fact isnt rational. She gives menial labors and chores to Aether, doesnt give her enough food etc. Why are you using an invaluable sl*ve in such a cheap way? Why dont you buy another cheap one to do these chores? Why dont you give food to Aether so can use her brain more? Why? Why?! Dont ask. Its just a cheap tactic to make the MC's personality artificially.

Another problem arises⬇️

after a womanizer prince saw Aether's goddess-like beauty. He ask the king to send a letter to the Duchess to buy Aether from her. And Duchess decides to accept it. Why? Sure enough money is always a good reason and you can use that money for research but why are you selling the golden goose? Thats such an irrational choice. At least consider the possibility of buying back Aether after a few days when that womanizer got bored of bedding her. It may or may not occur but at least consider the chance. Or just make a counteroffer to rent or gift Aether for a few dozen nights instead of selling. Why arent you rationale anymore? Why? Why?! I tell you why, this is another cheap way, progressing the plot artifically.


All in all it has great potential. Although author may ruin it, and makes some mistakes, they arent massive mistakes, I still believe in author. I still beleive it has great potential. Tho mistakes make it 4/5, I will still give it 5/5. <<less
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AzureAqua rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: Completed
I don't usually write reviews but man I enjoyed this a lot and I feel like more people should be talking about this. Our main character is thrown into a fantasy world after peer reviewing what appears to be a nonsensical paper about the relationship between magic and physics. Now in the body of a golden-eyed: people who cannot naturally cast magic but are instead given extremely calculative minds, she must learn how every single known magic works in order to return home. As usual, things don't go as planned.

The... more>> magic system is very interesting with actual links to rather complicated physics that quite frankly I do not understand but it is very refreshing nonetheless compared to most other novels where they shout some magic words and some magic magic comes out. The spells in this world are quite similar to electronic circuits, with magic stones being used like components.

The plot is compelling, with significant twists and it has a lot more to offer than simply learning every spell. It starts off relatively slow but once the ball gets rolling it never really stops. Slight spoiler for the story:

It's very rare to see a story where it's someone else who has prior knowledge of the game/novel, rather than the protagonist and I wish it was something that was done more often.


The characters are also fantastic, each with their own motivations and the characters develop a lot over the course of the novel.

I especially love Klais' role in the story: at first they are unlikeable and we wish for their downfall but by the end I think I can safely say they earned their redemption, even if it took a few hundred chapters hahaha.

There is no romance in the story which I think is a real shame because there was a lot of potential in my opinion for something really nice. Oh well.

Overall, this is one of my favourite novels I've read and I really can't recommend this enough. There's a lot of amazing turning points that I really want to talk about but that includes extreme spoilers so I'll leave them for now, but trust me if you stick around it gets really good.

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." <<less
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s3978871 rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: c9
This novel tells the story of Aether, a graduate student who unfortunately got reincarnated into a novel script after they had given a bad review. It's not those "I know everything so I shall exploit everything" type situations because they didn't even finish reading the title of the novel before giving it a review.

Anyways, they suddenly went from graduate student status (which is overworked but still held some status and dignity) to official s*ave overnight. They were purchased by a rich lady and then the author really went overkill on... more>> how this rich lady continuously exploited her s*ave over the past 3 years. But then they went on and added some stuff that just really did not make sense


Basically this rich lady is a powerful mage with a duke title, she graduated top of her class blah blah but the battlefield took her friend's lives, limbs and eyes blah blah that really wounded her heart and now she's researching to make new magic to make a world a better place blah blah in her eyes status doesn't matter even though she's a Duke blah blah


And then she bought a s*ave (our protag right here). Apparently status doesn't matter if the person is not a person at all, she treats our protagonist like cattle and although the author explained in later chapters that this rich lady cherished our protag, the orders she dished out really show the opposite of what's in her mind. To me, she just wants our protag to just die already.


And also, this rich lady (although the author said she favours her but hadn't realised) decided to let the 2nd prince of the country, known for banging servants and commoners left and right and then throwing them out like tr*sh, have a go at Aether for money. Yup, I'm fully convinced that this lady doesn't see status, she sees everyone around her as cattle.


Luckily the protagonist is smart, and with the opportunity provided by another professor, she gets a chance to study at the academy and potentially escape her s*ave status.

All in all it's a 4-star. It's not a 5-star because of that 1 specific character I hate, the author seems to be setting her up for redemption but if the set-up itself is half-assed then the redemption will be half-assed too. I wished the author could've made her a complete villain, and then the redemption arc instead of creating sympathy for the character so early in the novel. It's a shame but it's still a good novel. Definitely recommended. <<less
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