Quick Transmigration: The Villainess Is a Sweetheart


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(Popular female lead + Pretending to be weak to beat the strong + Fast-paced + Slightly sour then sweet romance + 1 male lead and 1 female lead + No face-slapping + Female lead and female second lead are good friends)

Jiang Yan was originally a scheming, sweet girl, but the system told her that she was actually a vicious female second lead who would never be loved.

Jiang Yan prepared herself to become a lonely beauty, but the characters in this mission world did not act according to the plot!

Jiang Yan wondered: “How did he agree to my pursuit?”

“Wasn’t he supposed to take the initiative to break up with me?”

“Why doesn’t he dislike gold-digging women and even gives me money to be with him?”

The vicious system crashed: “The characters of this world are out of control!”

1. Fake rich young miss vicious female second lead ✔ (Extra ✔)

2. Attention-seeking, money-crazy internet celebrity vicious female second lead ✔ (Extra ✔)

3. Pampered little princess vicious female second lead ✔ (Extra ✔)

4. Poor gold-digger vicious female second lead ✔ (Extra ✔)

5. Online dating scammer vicious female second lead ✔

6. Forcefully snatching sugar daddy vicious female second lead ✔

7. Ex-national sweetheart vicious female second lead ✔

8. Frail and delicate young miss vicious female second lead ✔

9. Childhood sweethearts ✔

10. Vampire little count vicious female second lead ✔

11. Blind young miss vicious female second lead ✔

…To be continued

Mainly lighthearted and heartwarming

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dawna_aiko rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c34
My feelings for this novel is actually quite mixed. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it. Let me summarise the story. As of chapter 34, 3 arcs has officially passed with no issues.

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The novel starts by mentioning that because MC wasn't willing to sacrifice herself (literally dying) for the female lead & male lead's love since ya know, she is suppose to be an evil side character, she was tasked to be punished. Her punishment is to go to different worlds, and live the lives of evil side characters, and accomplish her mission. Until the system deems her redeemed and remorseful, they will not stop. As said by the summary, Jiang Yan, our MC, has become the non-blood related youngest sister of the family after the biological daughter comes back (first world), a live streamer who loves money (second world), and an ice cold pampered rich princess (third world).


I hate systems in general, so I was barely able to tolerate it it if not for MC's cleverness in exploiting loopholes. I don't know how the system works either, considering she thinks/schemes a lot behind the system's back. Her thoughts usually goes unnoticed cause either the system is gone or doing other things hence she doesn't hear them, but even when they are there, her thoughts just go unheard. But it doesn't seem like she opens her mouth to talk to the system either. Either way, confusing plot hole.

Now to the mix feelings about this book. The summary suggests 1 male lead and 1 female lead, which lead me to think it's similar to other QT books; 1 constant female lead and 1 constant male lead. Sadly, this book isn't that. I feel scammed. Jiang Yan is the constant female lead (MC) through out, yes, but the male leads are definitely not. I say this in the sense that the author has NEVER mentioned at all that their souls/characters are holding the same person. What's more, the first and third arc have love triangles where MC ends up with her un-related step brother (pseudo in*est - if you stay in the house and you spend majority of your life from young thinking you are siblings, it feels icky to date eachother). So you are essentially reading about MC dating and kissing (let's not even get to the f*cking) multiple men just at different time periods and worlds (it's not cheating - because in each world she DOES only get with 1 guy, but still, the author's words are kinda misleading).

Cherry on top? The way the author writes romance feels lackluster and dull, I can't feel much of it. It's like MC doesn't love them back. Like at all. I don't think I read it wrong, but MC just goes with the flow. She doesn't love them romantically, since to her she just treats them as characters. When she dies she doesn't actually die, she goes to a different world. So for her to feel a sincere connection to any of them is hard. Which feels... Weird and morally a little wrong. It's basically one-sided love but it's actually in the relationship. Which I understand, suppose to be light hearted, but it feels... Shallow? I don't know, it feels like the author is writing romance for the same of writing it.

Anyway this is getting long, and like I said, mix feelings because even if I have some parts I disagree with, I still like the book cause MC is interesting to read. So yeah, no ratings given, but somehow this review says I gave it 5 stars, so boosting this book I guess. <<less
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User.948761 rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: c57
As with all QT novels, enjoyment is truly based on how much you like each arc. Personally I’m enjoying it. The arcs don’t follow a set pattern. I’m not certain if that’s because the author is trying to figure out what they want to write or if it’s because they’re setting the stage for the back story with the system.

... more>>

so far I have the vibe that the ML is related to the system. Perhaps a situation where the ML is the system and he’s slowly recovering/learning emotions as MC passes each world.

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Anastrisha rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: v3 only (dropped)
I didn't like the first two plots so skipped and read arc 3 first to determine if I would love this novel.

For me I love the arc 3, MC didn't change her character setting nor did she lower herself to cater to original ML's need. By the end, she thankfully didn't end up with the supposed ML who ignore his studies and went around having relationship with anyone and instead stick with Ji Chu, the academic gifted student who was always there with her.

My only problem is that

... more>>

she quickly died in the end after finishing the mission. She just finish her college exam, and the two didn't have love dovey moments enough.


And I didn't want to constantly experience feeling sad so gonna dropped. But it's a good read otherwise. <<less
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