Quick Transmigration Counterattack: Mysterious Boss, Don’t Tease


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The system asks: “What do you do when you encounter a scumbag?”

Bei Yutang replied: “Destroyed.”

The system asked, “What about the Boss?”

Bei Yutang ran away immediately!

Whether abuse of scumbags or white lotus, she, Bei Yu Tang is very skilled.

But regarding abusing the boss, forget it!

The fighting power of the Big BOSS is too strong, it’s better for little Xiami* like her to go.

She didn’t want to be killed by the boss, instead of killing the boss.

A certain Big BOSS: “Wife, who do you want to destroy, let your husband do it.”

Bei Yu Tang excitedly replied: “System monarch.”

System: (Tears streaming down and pretending to die…)

*Little Xiami: small player

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New klasikbirinsancik rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: Completed
As someone who has read many quick transmigration novels before, I can say that this is definitely one of the best I have read. I read it to the end with MTL and it was absolutely satisfying. The story is a little different from normal transmigration novels, you will understand this after a while after you finish reading the first world. Honestly, when I started reading this book, my exam was a few days away. That's why I told myself that when reading books like this, it's easy to put... more>> the book down when you finish one world before starting the next. So it doesn't ganna affect my study. This was a big mistake QAQ. The story was so fluid that I couldn't even put the book down until I reached the halfway (which is about 1500 chapters).

You should definitely give this book a try. One of the things I like most is that the MC is a determined and intelligent person. She gradually becomes aware of her shortcomings and works hard to make up for them. She's not the most talented person to begin with, but she gets brighter and brighter. She is consistent, cautious and hard-working, that's why I love her so much.

As for the romance part, it's a real slow burn kind. However, the male lead is always in the spotlight in some way, so don't worry. The main theme of this book is revenge and the result is truly satisfying. If there are those who are hesitant to read it, I definitely recommend you give it a chance. <<less
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New Pahpie rated it
November 16, 2023
Status: c448
Let's just start with romance.

Like 😂😂I don't even get it.

The male lead has no significance in the first arc. When the FL starts thinking about him after the arc, I'm like who the hell is that? If the translator hadn't said something about the ml, I'd have thought he was just some random guy sending flowers out of the blue.

We never get to see how the characters fall in love. This book is all about how the love of side characters is destroyed and the author completely forgets to build... more>> the love between the main characters.

Honestly, you're going to jump from where is the male lead to the FL and ML are suddenly crying and missing each other like it's the end of the world.

This book is supposed to be a tragedy for each arc but the romance is so lacklustre that you will not feel bad when the FL dies even in front of the ml.

The the arcs will start to seem unnecessarily long. Because the ML and FL are together but somehow, they are already in love and can recognize each other at a glance or touch. And they don't do anything will together, not even talking.

It's not a slow burn romance it's just a skip from step one to step 100. For a quick transmigration of thousands of chapters, it's a bit too early to be recognising each other at a glance and not wanting to exist in a plane because a partner is missing.

Maybe the teasing talked about in the title will come later. I'll make sure to update this but so far, there is no teasing.

There is more relationship-wise interaction between the side characters and than the main characters. At least the side characters have snu snu, betrayal and drama but the main characters are just suddenly so willing to be together, suddenly willing to sacrifice, suddenly too attached to each other.

The romance between the FL and ML is really nothing to look forward to. Especially the ml, he is so invisible that even when he is around during the plot, you won't notice him.

Side characters and their romances are shining so much in this qt.

World building.

First of all, every arc other than one or two has r*pe. I don't know whether the author went out, bought r*pe soup and drunk a whole jag so it's the only plot they can think of, but that's literally it.

And the confusing thing is that I don't know whether to feel bad for the evil characters when they get r*ped (the the fl's revenge) because they literally only ever think to do having the original character of the arc r*ped to show their viciousness.

At this point, I really numb to it. But the author has really used r*pe. And snu snu for everything. For revenge, to show that someone is a bad person, to humiliate, basically anything you can think of, r*pe and snu snu will be involved with the side characters. Which should also bring us to the fact that the main characters never snu snu. They've only kissed in two arcs so far. 😂😂 This is s*upid.

The r*pe and snu snu is not explicit. The author doesn't describe the details so it's less gruesome.

Anyway, the revenge r*pe is too much. But maybe because the villains do it first then the FL deals it back is what makes it not too much to handle. But either way, it's wrong. And the author doesn't stop.

The last arc I've read has a gay couple,

these guys tortured the original soul just to prove their love or just because they were twisted. But what I don't get is why the author had to have a prison r*pe scene for the shou.


I think the author has something wrong with their brain because the r*pe is too much.


The arcs are too long. Unnecessarily long, yet there isn't even a detailed outline of a Conversation between the ML and fl. While the side characters are being jealous, flirting, plotting evil and snu snu, the ML and FL are in constant silence with each other 😂😂😂. Like no.

We are reading 94 chapters of an arc and the ML and FL don't even tease each other?

It's all about how the ML was never interested in women or scenery but fell too suddenly when the FL just appeared and now his parents have to pray to Buddha that their son will give them grandkids. The FL doesn't even lift a finger in ml's direction. There isn't any chasing, any shyness, any teasing. NOTHING! They are just suddenly together. The ML just has to find her then they decide to be together.

And when they meet, the ML just watches the fl, they eat together and that's it. They don't talk or flirt or anything.

The FL will say more words to prove to strangers that's she's innocent than she'll ever say to the ml.

The synopsis also talks about her running away from the ML because he is too powerful or something. I don't know what the Fvck they are talking about because the ML is zero. Even if he has a big position where he just needs to left a finger for the world to end, you'll fail to see the any real intelligence in the man.

Real world.

The real world has a good story, I like it. It's really slow burn outside the arcs but I like how she's a mother and how well she treats her son now.

Arcs still.

The world surrounding the side characters is really detailed. So if that's any consolation, go ahead a read.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone because it has a lot of r*pe. Even if it's all revenge r*pe (as in the villains did it first so the FL does it to them)

I wouldn't recommend to someone that wants to see romance between the ML and fl.

I would recommend it to someone that can ignore the r*pe. (Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you don't get to see how the story ends)

I would recommend to someone who wants to pass the time very slightly more interestingly than other pass time books.

Be warned, all revenges so far, involve r*pe. Most schemes by the villains, have r*pe. Even if the FL and villains didn't think of r*pe, the author did so they will include a scene for no apparent reason. <<less
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TenkaDXS rated it
October 3, 2023
Status: Completed
As no one else entered the review, I decided to make a short one just to give you the basic idea of the novel without spoiling. I finished with machine translation, and it is decent to read, but there are a few personal icks tropes that made me want to skip some arcs, even though they were still kind of necessary for the progression of the whole novel.

What is important to note is that some parts are pretty graphic especially the first few chapters so if you come for the... more>> romance you have to wait until a bit and there is the classic routine of is this a real person or is this an NPC that comes back pretty often so it’s not a new way to do transmigration novel But the plot line is decent enough, and there are a few characters that make it more interesting.

The arcs are pretty long, but as the chapters themselves are not, the novel is still read quite quickly, but my main regret is that there isn’t a lot of innovative routines in the plot of the missions. But when the revenge plot ends they are pretty satisfying, so I’d say the novel is good, but not exceptional for me. Especially since there are some word building information that isn’t fully fleshed out even after we get the information on the big mysteries. I do like that the information is mainly in the story and you don’t have to read 30 or 40 extra chapters to get it. <<less
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