Psychopath Shimabara Series


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The target of my unrequited love for three years, Shimabara, was getting married. Asama who was shocked and Shimabara who spoke about his partner strangely…

Happens in the span of 5 minutes. A short and suspenseful love.

The next Sunday after Shimabara proposed. Asama began living together with Shimabara. However, as expected, a newlywed life with Shimabara wasn’t only sweet…

Associated Names
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1.A Single Cigarette and a Proposal
1. 煙草一本とプロポーズ
2.A Single Cigarette and the Newlywed Life
2. 煙草一本の新婚生活
サイコパス島原シリーズ (Main title)
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03/18/18 Illunia ss 2
02/24/18 Illunia ss 1
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October 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I so wanted to like this more. I would have loved to have seen this relationship develop over a longer period. It felt disjointed and coerced to me.
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hikaoru rated it
November 15, 2019
Status: side story 2
※ Although there is no actual s*x in this work, there is an R18 description. - this is only applicable for the first chapter. The descriptions given on the photos given by Shimabara might be the reason for the R18.

Chapter 2 has the s*x part and completes the short story. I only gave 4 stars because

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Shimabara keeps on putting sleeping pills on Asama's sake during their business trips and doing lewd things to him (like making preparations on Asama's a**hole using his fingers, lotion and vibrator so he can penetrate him in the future when Asama's conscious) then taking pictures and videos. It seems like Shimabara blackmailed him so they can get married even though he just needed to confess normally since they really like each other.

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