Precautions of a Snakepit


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*Male Protagonist: Target (Cha Mu-jin) – The illegitimate son of the President of K Group, who was framed by his father’s legal wife and was sent to be imprisoned inside the closed ward.

*Male Lead 2: Top Dog (Rock) – The First patient inside the closed ward. He was rumored to have been hospitalized for anger management issues, everyone assumes that he is a member of the underworld.

*Male Lead 3: Black Cat (Gyeom) – A patient who was looking for a secret passage inside the closed ward. His reason for hospitalization is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. He suggested that he and Lee Won work together to escape from the closed ward.

*Female Protagonist: Lee Won – A competent agent. She is tasked with saving the unfortunate Son of the K Group President, who is trapped inside the closed ward. She succeeded in disguising herself as a patient and entered the closed ward, only to find herself in a different world, where the rules and common sense of the outside world do not apply.

*Read it when: You want to be immersed in a suspenseful/thrilling story.

*Empathetic quote: “Welcome to the shithole, new guy.”

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폐쇄 병동의 주의 사항
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JimmyFalcon rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: c29
This is a smut without actual smut until chapter 29, wherein the smut is between

one of the supposed male lead and a different woman than the female lead. They went this long just to do this... I feel like I'm reading Rent a GF again with how much this girl gets cucked LMAO


Not my thing, the female lead is cool though
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solandingaway rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: c72
its precisely what it says to be; a suspenseful/thrilling story. Though it’s tagged with to be smut, there isn’t ‘actual’ smut if you may. Though don’t let that disregard you from reading this. I’d normally write a much longer review but there isn’t much to say, it’s one of those kinds of novels where it’s better to just read it to see if it’ll fit your taste.
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