Passive Senpai And Assertive Kouhai


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Makimura Tomoki, who is passive about relationships, decides to join the school festival executive committee in order to avoid being alone in his university life.

A year after that decision, when the time has come to welcome new members to the executive committee, Kimioka Misono, a kouhai who stands out among them, proactively approaches Makimura for some reason.

This is a love story between a cute kouhai who is attracted to her senpai more than he had expected, and a clumsy senpai who changes under her influence.

Associated Names
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Shōkyoku senpai to sekkyoku kōhai
Sākuru de ichiban kawaii daigaku no kōhai
The Cutest College Juniors In The Circle
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    01/22/24 L4ST-K c12 part2
    01/18/24 L4ST-K c12 part1
    01/14/24 L4ST-K c11
    01/10/24 L4ST-K c10
    01/07/24 L4ST-K c9 part2
    01/04/24 L4ST-K c9 part1
    12/20/23 L4ST-K c8 part2
    12/17/23 L4ST-K c8 part1
    12/14/23 L4ST-K c7 part2
    12/11/23 L4ST-K c7 part1
    12/08/23 L4ST-K c6 part2
    12/05/23 L4ST-K c6 part1
    12/02/23 L4ST-K extra 2 part3
    11/30/23 L4ST-K extra 2 part2
    11/28/23 L4ST-K extra 2 part1
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