Paranormal World (The Semi-Physical World)


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There are many things in this world that we have yet to discover. However, what we never encounter doesn’t mean it never existed. Most of the time, legends are not just mere legends, and traditions that lasted for generations has its untold cause.

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New ResidentialPsycho
July 3, 2019
Status: c20
The MC talks with ghosts and sometimes works with police to solve various problems. Unfortunately, neither the story nor characters are very fleshed out so far.

The MC acts so lame at the end of the first case, I nearly dropped the series right there. This may also have to do with translation quality and may have been less embarrassing if translated differently. Also, damn, I don't know if the MC works in Hooker Alley or what, but there are prostitutes EVERYWHERE. An explanation or description about the setting somewhere would... more>> be nice. There also aren't any cultural notes about the funeral rituals in China, which can make a reader feel lost if she or he isn't intimately familiar with them.


In chapter 18, just where did the daughter ghost pop out from? It sounds like she'd been there for twenty years or more, so why did she never appear or say anything, leaving her husband and mother to suffer so much? And why did they give all that money to the MC to look after her instead of giving it to their child, who now had no family to rely on?


The story starts to get a little more interesting in chapter 20, but the last chapter was updated 18 months ago at the time of this review and ends on a cliff-hanger.

I'm withholding rating this series for now. The grammar and editing with the translations is so bad, it gives me the urge to pull my hair out. The grammar makes it hard to follow the writing because I have to keep stopping to try and figure out what a sentence was supposed to say. The conversations are written very awkwardly, too. That said, it has potential and may be interesting. If a new translator decides to pick it up, I strongly recommend redoing the chapters from the beginning. <<less
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