Pandora of Fantasy and Reality


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A world where VR machine was widely used in daily life.

In a world that had gone through great war that greatly changed the sense of values of the people, VRMMO Pandora’s Box was developed and it obtained great fame in the VR game industry.

The main character Naruse Akito was invited by his friend to play that game and chose to use the joke race orc as his avatar.

His avatar’s name was Ponsuke.

Even though he was treated as a joke by his surrounding, Akito had fun playing the game.

However changes also happened to the real world while he was playing the game…….

What would the orc Ponsuke―Akito learned in the virtual world and real world?

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Gensou to genjitsu no Pandora
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1 Review

Feb 07, 2023
Status: c81
An enjoyable VRMMO title chronicling the adventures of Ponsuke and company. The virtual world is fleshed out enough, with distinct recurring zones and side characters (along with some somewhat repetitive jokes) that help to make the world of Pandora feel like a place that players would want to spend time in. However, this is not one of those novels where the real world is ignored, as a strict balance is kept in-setting as to how long players are able to stay in the virtual world before needing to log out... more>> for the day. Another aspect to note is that the main characters are not "rankers" in any sense, preferring to stop and smell the roses. There is progression regarding their avatars' abilities, but do not expect the main characters to be concerned with making "optimal" choices, as they would rather treat Pandora as a world rather than a game, which can sometimes lead to interesting outcomes. <<less
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