Overbearing Tyrant


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Earth has been invaded by aliens who control robots and bioweapons.

Captain Park Hyun-sung, the leader of the militia, fights fiercely and encounters an alien who was operating them. He chases the alien who escapes through a warp, but he gets caught in it and loses consciousness.

When he opens his eyes, he has become Ian Albern, a young and weak lord with blue eyes! Ian moves to change his rotten domain from the roots! And the nobles who are shocked by him.

The dazzling story of his transformation from a weak lord to a strong one begins!

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갑질하는 영주님
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09/12/23 GalaxyTL c11
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c10
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c9
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c8
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c7
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c6
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c5
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09/10/23 GalaxyTL c3
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c2
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