Outcast Magician and the Power of Heretics


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One day, Seiya, an outcast magician, and his classmates were kidnapped and their lives were in danger.

But at that time, the original power of Seiya was awakened and he safely escaped from the crisis!

But that power was considered heretical, Seiya was no longer a outcast, he was a heretical magician who was the subject of hatred by the country.

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Ochikobore Mahoushi to Itan no Chikara
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Cryarc rated it
December 14, 2016
Status: c100
Something very awkward from this is that the author spent almost all the time in describing every random battles, it's like a log of game with detailed explanation of every battles along the way. If the character is interesting or funny like kumo desu ga it's not a problem; or maybe if the battle is battle of wits like seventh it's still exciting. Unfortunately with the MC being bland it becomes a chore to read these battle logs. To make it worse the battle consisting of yelling the technique names...

And... more>> the synopsis is a lie, the author is writing spontaneously without proper planning made him veering from the track to the point of betraying the whole premise. The author even admitted a couple of times that he's not expecting the story to turn that way.

Initially the author promised the readers it will be musou/OP type characters (as shown in chapter 1), yet along the way he makes him looks weak even though he already get his "heretical" power. Even with a supposed to be feared power the MC always struggling in every fight. It seems the author either forgot the setting he set up or veering off too much that he just goes whatever... Because a lot of people feels tricked by the OP tag, in the end he's apologizing to the readers that he failed to write what he planned to, and taking back the OP premise+tag in the middle of the story.


After a few moment the heroine introduced, the outcast/bullied part being thrown out of the window, he turned into riajuu instead of being hated by the country as stated in the synopsis and story becomes highschool battle romcom complete with it's tournament arc... The main heroine is pretty much shoved into the MC and the affection point being MAXed abruptly. And then later the main heroine being shelved and another girl seemingly taking her role. Mind you that not even the author knows why it turned that way...

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wuhugm rated it
December 14, 2016
Status: c238
Ooh~ This get a translation~

This novel has similarities to Mahouka and Teleporter, as in there's magic school and the MC at first considered a "dropout" by other students. Though for this novel the MC is quick in being liberated from that label.

Though there's a school setting, every other events are prioritized over school, so you won't be seeing the school cliches too much. It also has a bit of Shingeki no Kyojin setting, as in The Kingdom being an enclosed space with common sense saying that beyond The Kingdom there's... more>> only death.

It emphasizes strongly in lineage/bloodline, in fact the de facto leaders of The Kingdom are The 13 Special Magician Houses and The Church's 7 Sages. Also, unlike recent novels which MC being a completely foreign to political powers, this one is affiliated with one of the faction so it's more entertaining imho.

The heroines are cute and MC's fighting style is fun (no, not the Dark Elemental one) <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c27
Well, this one is a poor one for me.

I mean, the amount of times things work out with no efforts is staggering. Out of nowhere, power up after power up, sometimes barely explained by a "by the way, he got better at controlling this in the previous fight, that's why he can now do this".

Everyone seems to be equipped with a lie detector, and both protagonists are extremely shallow ("I used you for convenience, and now I am madly in love with you after you protected me once" kind of... more>> shallow).

Given that the majority of the chapters are spent in combat situations, you might think that the author put more effort into them, at the expense of the rest, but all of the combat scenes are bland and uninspired.

Frankly, I can't find any redeeming feature for this novel, maybe aside from the fact that the translation is fairly good. <<less
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Aho555 rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c13
I was happy to find a novel with so many chapters translated, however it's a shame it was so mediocre. Average I can take. Basically:

-Interesting setting, sympathetic MC

-There's a fundamental problem with the author's writing style. Frankly, it sucks. Too much of the author explaining things to you in detail - the magic system, the characters' feelings, traits etc, instead of showing it to you via the story and letting you figure it out yourself. As a result, the characters don't feel real and the story feels dull;... more>> reading it becomes a chore. <<less
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Silvertin rated it
February 1, 2017
Status: c14
I honestly looked forward to it thinking it would be interesting. For the most part it is and was, but there were just too many things that felt way too forced and breakneck paced that just ruined it so thoroughly for me I just could not keep reading. Things literally went from essentially a pushover MC (though somewhat understandably because of class division reasons). To the OP "I don't care about life" direction, which the MC confirms and thinks to himself.

Now allow me to rant in the spoilers below... more>> exactly why I feel this novel just devolved into overly-forced that ruined EVERYTHING for me. I mean I have no problem with some somewhat "forced" stuff, its nice to get a sudden revelation or turnaround and get that vindication on bad characters and such, but this is just terrible...


Shortly after get "re-awakens" his original power and most of his memories he NUKES everything around him from the kidnappers to supposedly the three bastards that tormented him every day of his life at school, then it went "oh, by the way, this young girl with silver hair and red eyes somehow survived and was just passed out" despite the fact his magic basically destroys everything's very existence.

Why did she survive? pretty much just feels like "oh yea uhh... she has the Holy element, this thing never mentioned before that is light element but not actually light element (literally mentioned pretty much like that) and is essentially creation magic, which is lucky to show up every once every 100 years, and has relation to the goddess; also this magic is considered superior than his darkness magic and hence couldn't actually harm her to begin with".... really?

She wants to go through the "Great Dalis Canyon" a place so dangerous its considered suicide. Just to avoid people for whatever reason, doesn't want to take the safer common path with the MC, tells the MC to accompany her through what should only be considered CERTAIN DEATH to hide their "secrets" which really shouldn't be necessary. Seriously, the MC couldn't just abandon her or something? Its just terrible, and for many more reasons the readers will know as they read those chapters (around 12-14)

Now lets delve into how this apparently insanely important person who the "Church" would literally WORSHIP (very powerful organization, national level power), yet has a father who can protect her from the church, knows about the darkness attribute magic despite the gag order, and also (I don't know who) who knows whom taught her I assume her really high tier holy spells that could restore a person's "mana" which the MC himself thought was impossible (based on knowledge of 2 great countries or something, oh yea, the MC's memory was also sealed or something whatever.... okay, its not done in a good way like from Spirit Realm). Anyways, so yea, she refills his mana like no one's business as if simple as breathing, and our MC is literally spamming nukes at every trouble in the way (destroys landscape and all).

Seriously how was this insanely important person with, I assume, an unimaginably strong background kidnapped to begin with!? Let alone to such backwater circumstances.

Shortly afterwards they run into boars... that apparently have magic resistance? But only on the surface.... and can survive his NUKE magic... yet his "light magic created weapons" can kill them just fine... really? I'll be honest, I started skimming a bit through the battle soon after they said his magic didn't work, I thought maybe its just immune to all mana based attacks, but no, its just whatever nonsense is going on there.

All this being said. I am done with this series, way too forced with REALLY bad plot holes such as those boars and his decision making... I just couldn't stand it and had to leave it.


Overall, I can recommend giving it a try if you liked the synopsis, but there are some things I had SERIOUS issues with, mainly plot hole related things I ranted on about in the spoilers, but to give you the best non-spoiler version I can. His decision making, felt very forced, as did his power ups and the way some things played out. There were also logic gaps (ex. Why does this extremely powerful magic attack not hurt this beast yet this basic elementary magic created weapon is capable of killing it?). Who knows, maybe these things get clarified. But I for one just couldn't muddle through that nonsense. <<less
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Plue rated it
December 14, 2016
Status: c4
It's uh, mediocre? At best.

I can't say anything about the MC so far, he hasn't really shown a large amount of personality. The opening introduction with his power makes it fairly obvious the direction this will go... so any real possibility of conflict is already lost.

Maybe it will show something surprising later?
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