Out Of Control Mark


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He lost his memory after being marked by his archenemy?!

He Xingzhou, an Alpha male, a musician, whose looks and talent are directly proportional, has won numerous awards at a young age. Unfortunately, his emotional intelligence is inversely proportional to his talent. Arrogant and self-absorbed, he doesn’t care about the countless scandals surrounding him.

Xiao Can, an Omega male, a small internet celebrity harboring dreams of music, put in a lot of effort to write a catchy song. During the performance, his overly vivid expressions broke the internet.

He Xingzhou reposted: “What garbage, is this called music?”

Trending: #HeHezhoucallsXiaoCangarbage

Xiao Can humbly commented: “Thank you for the criticism. I have always admired He Xingzhou. I hope to receive some guidance from you in person one day.”

Trending: #XiaoCanHighEmotionalintelligence

He Xingzhou replied: “Not interested.”

Trending: #HeHezhouRejectsXiaoCan #HeHezhouScandal #HeHezhouNotDeservingOfHisPosition #XiaoCanWronged

Xiao Can remained polite on the surface but seethed with anger behind the scenes.

At a certain fashion event, both were invited.

Xiao Can mistakenly entered the wrong resting room and encountered the pheromones-out-of-control He Xingzhou.

Xiao Can, gloating: He Xingzhou, you don’t seem too well. Are you okay?

Before he realized that He Xingzhou’s gaze towards him was off, it was too late.

Afterward, He Xingzhou passed out, and the marked Xiao Can fled in a panic.

One month later.

Xiao Can: Aren’t you supposed to do something about the mess you caused?

He Xingzhou: Who are you?

Xiao Can, furious, vowed to make this bastard pay.

He Xingzhou: Little guy, you have successfully caught my attention.

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4 Reviews

New Rafta
Apr 07, 2024
Status: Completed
I was having a hard time continuing the novel in the beginning because of the MC's personality and how the ML marked the MC and all, but now that I have read till this point, I am glad I kept reading it. However, there are many problematic things that the story just kinda ignored or dealt very causally with that made me give it 4 instead of 5 stars. I am just going to list them all. So spoiler alert.

1. The Marking

What happened was that the ML was drugged by... more>> one of his fans in the hotel he was staying at. The fan wanted to be marked by the ML but before that could happen the MC entered the room smelling the ML's pheromones and got marked by the ML who was not completely conscious. This is r*pe. The MC and the ML both treat it as such. I was put off by how casually the MC treated it. He didn't even realise it until his roommate told him so.

2. Tan Zhen

His actions are so bad but the story just glossed over it. What happened was that He entered the room after the MC had left. It led to the ML thinking that he had assaulted Tan Zhen and hence was willing to do anything to compensate for it. Tan Zhen took advantage of this and made the ML announce that they were an official couple and also asked for resources from the ML. Ml, because of feeling guilty, did as Tan Zhen asked of him. Now this is such a scummy behaviour. Tan Zhen literally made ML believe he assaulted him. And the story never really punished him for his scummy behaviour. Even the MC was saying that he understood why Tan Zhen would do this and he even protected Tan Zhen when the ML found out what had actually happened. The only punishment he got was being embarrassed a little in public by the ML.

3. The MC

The MC is kinda of a red flag too. He never properly communicated with the ML when it came to the marking. Since the marking was incomplete, it meant that he couldn't perform the mark removal surgery safely and had to be completely marked by the ML if he wanted to remove it safely. The Marking also brought him a lot of difficulties caused he could not feel better without the ML's pheromones and hence had to take lots of medications which were not really effective. This led to the MC hating the ML. But he never even told the ML that he was marked by him. To the ML, MC was just rude and mean to him without a reason. Then the MC, having enough of the discomfort from the mark, just got ML drunk and tried to force him to mark him. That is also r*ape. At least attempted r*pe. He even made the ML think that it was the ML who tried to do something to the MC. I really thought of dropping it at that point.

Honestly, the ML was pretty innocent the entire time. He tried to do everything he could to compensate because he felt guilty but realised that everyone was pretty much lying to him. If the MC had just been honest from the start and told everything to the ML, the ML wouldn't have hesitated to help him. <<less
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Aknel amapuna
New Aknel amapun
Apr 04, 2024
Status: --
The plot is heavily cliched and relies on one in a million co incidences, misunderstandings and annoying hypocrisy. Literally, almost everyone is scummy.

... more>>

The MC tries to r*pe ML once while ML is in a public relationship with that tan guy but still doesn't consider it as being third party between them. The ML is a low EQ, low brained bullsh*t guy who treats MC infinitely better than his fiance in front of everyone who he assaulted while drugged and took responsibility for, the tan guy. But his fiance tries to break up with him due to obvious nonchalant attitude, he tries his puppy eyes and pity face to continue it but no change in behaviour. Obvious favoritism towards MC over his fiance. Furthermore the tan guy just deceived ML into thinking he assaulted him and is overall a low moral piece of sh*t but is not hold accountable and is protected fiercely by MC from ML confronting him about the deception just because he is MC'S fan


Overall, it's frustrating and shitty. <<less
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Mar 31, 2024
Status: Completed
Conflicted feelings about this one. Without getting into it too much, I would tentatively recommend this novel, but be warned that MC may make you want to tear your hair out in frustration, at least in the first half of the novel. He does become more likable and has a good amount of character growth, but it takes a lot of honestly very frustrating back and forth to get to that point.

The novel begins in a sort of cliche moment with ML going into a rut and MC getting himself... more>> accidentally marked. There's some misunderstandings ensuing from the situation that take a while to get resolved, and the first half of the novel is quite dramatic. The drama is carried single-handedly by MC though, as he tends to avoid his own feelings and deny reality lol

MC is probably the biggest tsundere I have ever read in my life, and trust me when I say that the tsun part will annoy you if you aren't prepared, so take this as my warning. He is mean, selfish, and would rather jump into an active volcano than express any vulnerability. Trying to get him to tell the truth to ML about anything is nearly impossible and he will literally explode of anger at the slightest provocation.

There is a pretty extreme lack of communication between MC and ML (fully due to MC), and just so many misunderstandings that keep building on each other. MC continuously gaslights ML even after learning the truth behind the situation and it gets a bit ridiculous:

He seemed reasonable in his anger at first but the way he kept getting mad despite ML literally being a victim in this whole situation gets a little overdone. I don't like characters that play the victim game for too long, especially in a way that ends up with them taking out their frustration on an innocent party, and MC does it a lot.

MC does have every right to feel upset about ML being so rude and cold at first, but ML is nothing but helpful and kind once they start working together, so it ends up just reading as petty on MC's part. The characters emotions and actions didn't feel too consistent or realistic as their interactions are so all over the place.

There's also a moment later when MC tries to take advantage of ML by getting him drunk enough to have s*x with him, and MC is so mean to him during the scene and after that I felt uncomfortable reading. While they don't actually end up doing anything due to ML falling asleep, ML did not deserve to be treated like that, and it's unacceptable behavior no matter the circumstances.


However, I will also say that in MC's defense, the marking basically threw him into a constant state of PMS, and his lack of emotional regulation can be explained pretty well by this. Given the ABO setting, there's also some unconscious (and unwanted) emotional dependence that MC must be feeling towards ML after the marking that makes him so much more unstable when ML doesn't treat him in any special way.

At the end of the day, this is an ABO novel, so you just have to be prepared for characters to act ridiculously because of the pheromones. A little more of my thoughts on the toxicity of their dynamic in the first half:

I really do feel sorry for MC, as it's an impossible situation he's been put in, but some of his behavior gets to such an extreme point that it's very difficult to justify it in any way. He's very selfish and avoidant, and given just how caring and honorable the ML is, it really makes it difficult to be on MC's side in this situation.

Had ML actually been an a**hole, MC's behavior could have been more understandable, but I ended up just feeling bad for the ML. MC keeps hiding things from him, and once ML is finally able to pull the truth out of him (like pulling teeth!!), MC still is so mean for no reason.

ML did also mildly annoy me with how he kept telling MC that he wanted to take responsibility and that he had an obligation now to the MC, without any talk of his actual feelings on the matter. ML's lack of EQ really was a struggle sometimes, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for MC in those moments when he doubted ML's feelings for him.

This combination of a pushover who can't express his feelings with a chronic avoider who never opens his mouth except to argue... it's not ideal to say the least.


MC's roommate also was so back and forth with his advice. It felt like he was instigating half the time and judging MC the rest, just a very inconsistent character overall:

Whenever MC was avoiding ML he would tell MC to be honest (which I liked) but then as soon as MC started to catch feelings, his friend was all ML is the worst...??

Really felt like he was just there to oppose MC rather than actually offer consistent feedback and support. MC didn't listen to his friend's advice either way though, so it's not like it really made a difference what he was saying lol


Tan Zhen also was portrayed as a good person in this novel despite the fact that he literally was as much a cause of the drama as MC:

the way that he convinced ML that he was a victim and had ML take responsibility for something that ML didn't even do... like I don't care how the author tried to portray him as this sweet and good guy character. That's absolutely scum behavior.


There is definitely some necessary character growth on the part of MC as he falls in love, and I ended up liking him, despite what this review might otherwise suggest. Once he starts opening up and stops avoiding and blowing up at ML, their relationship is actually really cute! MC becomes a little more proactive and his argumentative nature starts reading more like banter than anything actually mean spirited. My heart hurt for him in a few moments, and I did genuinely like his character development!

The age gap is revealed pretty late so I'll keep it in a spoiler:

It's definitely way bigger than I expected, MC being 23 and ML 32. The fact that this 32 year old man was beefing with MC's fans on the Internet at the start of the novel had me convinced they were the same age, so I was pretty surprised to find this fact out. Their dynamic does make a lot more sense after the age difference is confirmed though, what with how ML never actually fights back when MC tries to instigate an argument.

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Mar 18, 2024
Status: c56
the starting was cliche I would say........i mean the process how he got the mark

MC is a small internet celebrity (he's very beautiful) . he wanted to be a singer but apparently he doesn't have skills so he added comedy to his videos, there he got somewhat famous and then ML commented on his video and he got some attention there.

... more>>

he got invitation for the gala when he met ML and got marked and then ran away without telling him but ML met tan zhen and thought he was the one with him and tan zhen took the opportunity to be with him for publicity and he thought ML is handsome so why not be with him? but they didn't spark anything

ML is a very moody sharp but talented musician...i dont know why he thought that mc's videos were not funny but he obviously liked MC after meeting him (thats what I think)

and story.... is sometimes funny and sometimes frustrating lol...i wanna strangle MC and make him and ML sit and solve all misunderstanding then and there

and then there is tan zhen .... I had some speculations for him but he was nice and not jealous at all.. thank god!!

but MC .......... I first thought he's smart but he's a bit naive and have a temper... im not saying having temper is bad because I liked thier interaction during their first group recording and found it quite funny too but I just feel frustrating maybe im a bit impatient here idk or maybe because ive read it upto ch 56 only (?)..... but yehh thats my limit for now...... maybe I'll come back some day


first of all why did you barge into ml's room when you smelled his pheromones!!! and then when you got marked why didn't you tell him and suffered alone!! and situation whith tan zhen is just ridiculous to me.... and then you know ML forced you (even if he was drugged) why do you have to go to him again and again...... because of your pheromones?? fine I got it but you could just talk a bit nicely and patiently and explain everything first to ml!!! why do you have to explode every time!!!


yep thats it <<less
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