One Year After Raging at the Guy Who Rejected the Girl of My Dreams, We Ended up Seatmates. Now She Cares for Me


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Kakeru Taiga enrolled into a top high school after hellish studying, and there he found his middle-school crush, Fuuka Kiyami, as well as an old classmate, the handsome Amane Imataka.

Despite him coming from the same middle school as the two, they had never properly crossed paths. However, one day, Kakeru happened to overhear Kiyami’s confession to her childhood friend, Imataka.

He expected her confession to be a success, but to his surprise, Imataka went above and beyond. Not only did he reject her, he also showered her with insults.

Seeing Kiyami crying was enough. Anger consumed him, and he couldn’t control his rising emotions. Afflicted, he ended up punching Imataka.

One year later, after a class change, the girl he’d always admired ended up sitting next to him. Before he realized it, the two were getting closer to each other — Will he finally break out of his shell?

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One year after raging at the guy who rejected the girl of my dreams, we ended up seatmates. Now she cares for me.
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Omaga rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: c8
Its a rather nice "straight to the point" short read, that's about it, it doesn't have pointless cliche tropes or add useless drama. Honestly this review is pretty short but I don't have much else to say. If you want a quick read with a tiny bit of drama but otherwise decently sweet, this fits the bill.
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